Which Teen TV Series Should I Watch in 2020?

There’s no doubt that Teen TV has taken over our small screens by a large margin now more than ever. In the last 10 years, we’ve seen the entertainment industry undergo many changes and trends. First, it was the rise of unlimited YA books adaptations hitting the screens, then the excess of cable shows, the launch of online streaming services, and now finally, we’re living in a new era focusing on teen-centric content to attract the younger generation and encourage them to start conversations.  

Unfortunately, we have a myriad of teen television series out there that we possibly can’t skim through, especially with the fear of missing out feeding on our guilt. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of all the top TV series you can find on major streaming services you need to watch. No more boring weekends, no more lousy evenings, and certainly no more bland television. Speaking of streaming services, you can watch all these shows and more in HD with the popular AT&T services. Get access to 40,000 on-demand titles, streaming apps, and Live TV with AT&T TV. 

Now, let’s talk about some teen TV series you certainly shouldn’t miss out on, no matter what. We’re all so busy with work that we barely get time on the weekdays to catch up on shows. It’s great to take a break once in a while to refresh yourself, which is why we picked out teen favorites that are with binge-watching on the weekends! Let’s get started with the list.

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  1. Never Have I Ever

You know it has to be one hell of a show if it’s made by a woman of color. And not just that, the entire cast, minus a few supporting roles, are of different ethnicities. Mindy Kaling sure knew what she was getting herself into with this show. This coming-of-age teenage series focuses on a girl figuring out how to deal with the ups and downs while stuck between two different cultures, her Indian heritage and the American life she was raised in.  We all know how turning 15 really was, and this show beautifully captures the humor, anxiety, shame, and confidence a teenager exudes while growing up. 

This teen comedy will surely make you share a few laughs and shed a few tears at the same time. You can stream all episodes on Netflix.

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  1. Euphoria

A fan of teen dramas and thrillers would love this mind-boggling series. It has some important elements that a teen show might miss-delivery, but Euphoria made sure that didn’t happen. It talks about real-life issues from the point of young adults. Substance abuse, drug dealing, depression, anxiety, identity crises, and high school drama, this show has everything in it. This show is for adults, no doubt, but its practicality and the way it’s made is enough to make it a hit with the teens. The way it practically deals with these issues openly is the reason it’s popular amongst the young generation. It’s nothing short of provocative and bold, yet it’s beautifully empathetic. Give this a watch, and you won’t regret it. Stream it now on HBO and dive deep into Euphoria.

  1. Riverdale

If you’ve read the Archie comics before, and obsessed over them, then Riverdale might just be the perfect gift for you. Except with a twist. Riverdale is certainly not a pretty place to live in. The dark mysteries and the underlying lies of the town push Archie and his gang to save their beloved town. The character development in the series is quite different from the books, so if you’re expecting to see a sweet and charming Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper, then you’re in for a whole new surprise. The whole story starts with the murder of one of the Blossom twins belonging to Riverdale’s upper class.  With every school year comes more trouble for Archie and his friends. You can stream all episodes of the twisted dark series on Netflix

  1. The Vampire Diaries

Yes, you’ve guessed it right. This show is all about vampires. Well, technically, werewolves, hybrids, siphon, and witches too. This isn’t another melodramatic CW production. The story begins with 2 brothers, Stefan and Damon, returning to their home after centuries of fighting against each other. Stefan is the brave and selfless brother, while Damon is selfish and dangerous. 

 Upon his return, Stefan meets Elena, a girl at his school he falls in love with while Damon is busy plotting revenge on Stefan because he made him turn into a vampire in the 18th century. The catch is that his revenge includes Damon stealing Stefan’s girlfriend. This romantic fantasy thriller is full of intriguing plot twists and spectacular scripts. If you liked the Twilight series, buffy and True blood, then you have to watch this masterpiece. All seasons are now available on Netflix, so grab your popcorn and start binging. 

  1. Elite

What happens when 3 working-class teenagers in Spain end up at a private school for the rich? Things are certainly going to turn messy. Las Encinas is where all the elite students study. An unfortunate incident transfers three working-class students to the same school. The clash between the students of the school and the newcomers lead to murder. It has everything, from heartbreak, relationships to ambitions, broken dreams, and high school drama. The show’s mystery element certainly attracts the audience and gets them hooked from the first episode of the season. This nail-biting thriller will glue you to your couch from the very first moment. If you’re a fan of romantic murder mysteries, Elite is the perfect pick for you. All seasons of Elite are up on Netflix now.

  1. The Fosters

This tear-jerker is a family drama you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s about the story of a gay couple and their 4 adopted children. It focuses on how the couple is selflessly dedicated to raising ethnically diverse kids equally.  The couple doesn’t only deal with abortion, but other real-life issues and scenarios as well. The show highlights how they took on abortion, immigration, adoption, eating disorders, the foster care system, gun control, and gay rights. It’s a great watch if you want to learn and educate people on issues that should be discussed but aren’t.  The Fosters is available on Netflix for streaming. 

The Bottom Line

Teen TV series is taking over the entertainment industry rapidly. Before you miss out on some quality teen television out there, go through the list and stream your favorites this weekend!

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