How To Lose Weight With High Prolactin Levels?

Prolactin is basically a hormone that is stimulated by the pituitary glands. This hormone in women is typically responsible for your mood swings. In general, the prolactin level usually increases at the time of pregnancy, all due to breastfeeding. However, the prolactin level gets down once again post childbirth, or after a few months after […]

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Types of Pregnancy Body Pillows That Help You Sleep More Comfortably

Sleeping proper at the night can be a very difficult task in the pregnancy period. Your growing pump can give you the limits for your sleep position but being pregnant you also need to take more rest especially in the night. Maternity or pregnancy pillow can give you a lot of support to take some […]

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Covid-19 Tips: Practical Ways To Help Stay Safe When Going Out In Public

1. Wear a face mask in public places Covid19! However, the rapid spread of COVID19┬áhas caused the US authority on infectious disease to change course. The institute now recommends that people who reside in areas with high transmission rates, and those who are going to places where they can’t maintain social distancing (that is, six […]

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