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HALauncher Launcher For The Android TV

Are you looking for a launcher for your Android TV? Do you think that it should show all your apps including sideloaded apps? Then here is the answer. It is a known fact that most of the original launches in android TVs do not show the non-android and sideloaded apps. In such situations having HALauncher android TV is of great help.

What is HALauncher launcher?

This is the best replacement for your original launcher on your Android TV. This shows all your non-android and sideloaded apps in one place. You can view all the apps on your Android TV just by one click on the home screen. Normally the original launcher in the android TV doesn’t allow you to view all most all the apps available there. It makes it very difficult for users to manage the apps. Sometimes the users may find the original launcher boring and useless. But with HALauncher launcher you can manage all your apps on the Android TV easily without much effort.

You can use the AC Market to download this launcher for Android phones and tablets to have an Android TV-like interface.

Pros of HALauncher launcher

As mentioned already it shows all the sideloaded as well as the non-android apps downloaded in your Android TV.

You can get to know where your installed apps are located on your Android TV. Can have a quick search on all the available apps on Android TV.

Generally, it can be viewed as the Google Play Store. If you want you can customize things including color as you wish.

The launcher also allows you to create shortcuts. This makes it very easy for you to access each and every app on your Android TV.

It shows you some categories of apps. Including groups like native apps and sideloaded apps. Mobile compatible and TV compatible apps.

The HALauncher launcher helps you to differentiate between the mobile compatible apps and TV compatible apps. This will help you to have a better experience when choosing apps for your Android TV. You can choose the best TV compatible apps for your TV.

The UI of the app is very simple and attractive. You can customize it as you wish including the colors of the home screen. Adding new apps and tools may use lots of rams available for streaming content. You can easily clear out your RAM using a Clean master.

If you are interested in experiencing a new launcher on your android TV then this is it. HALauncher launcher. Download it now!!!

You can directly download this launcher from Play Store or Filelinked. For Filelinked you may need to find the correct Filelinked code.


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