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Why Friend Rating App Is A Trend These Days?

Presently, there are a number of apps that have popped up for reviewing everything. We live in a world where every decision we make is based upon star rating. A new review app has risen to the top of the chart that allows your friends to give you a review. Everyone out there is on mobile phones most of the time. With mobile application development Dubai, a friend rating app allows users to take polls about their friends.

Signing up for the app requires the age to be at least 13 years old. Each time someone picks you, you earn a gemstone that helps you unlock questions for future features. Mobile application development Dubai is trying to present itself as having more positive aims. With settings for hiding unwanted recommendations, you can sign up to leave reviews of anyone you know from coworkers and bosses to friends.

The friends dating app will ask for phone numbers to prevent fake accounts. After signing in people can search using their name and where they live. Once found, each rating can be given a title and description that explains the reason for the rating. All the ratings and reviews stay on the profile for over a year. when a user makes a negative comment that does not go live. For about 48 hours it goes into the inbox.

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With the friend dating app, you can rate people around you without letting them know who rated them. You can rate them for their lifestyle choices, the way they are and you can also rate them for their shopping choices too. You can choose a shopaholic friend just like you. With mobile application development Dubai, these friends rating apps are gaining a lot of popularity as you can know many more people and this increases engagement with them.

You can make friends of similar choices and lifestyles. Mobile application development helps you in such app development and makes it easier. You can know the ratings of the people, you can make them friends and communicate. How great is that! These friend rating apps have helped people in discovering new people.

DXB apps offer you a hassle-free experience without any inconveniences. According to the market needs, business in various segments is increasing. DXB apps can be the perfect choice for you.  By implementing useful strategies of mobile application development Dubai, you can maintain a strong online presence.


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