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How To Lose Weight With High Prolactin Levels?

Prolactin is basically a hormone that is stimulated by the pituitary glands. This hormone in women is typically responsible for your mood swings. In general, the prolactin level usually increases at the time of pregnancy, all due to breastfeeding. However, the prolactin level gets down once again post childbirth, or after a few months after a woman discontinued breastfeeding.

It is often said that a woman with a high prolactin level tend to have gained a lot of weight due to low metabolic rate. That’s when it becomes essential to lose weight, thereby reducing the prolactin level in the body. Of course, the prolactin inhibitors make wonder!

What causes high prolactin level in non-pregnant women?

Now that you already know that hyperprolactinemia is associated with pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, non-pregnant women can also suffer from the same issue with Phyllis fierro. In such a case, it is more likely for the individual to suffer from a pituitary tumor, often known as the prolactinoma. Thus, it becomes absolutely essential to seek help from a medical practitioner and get this treated.

How does prolactin affect metabolism?

A person gaining weight is more likely to have got a slow metabolism. Thus, as I say that a high level of prolactin hormone in the body leads to weight gain, it definitely lowers the metabolism. Of course, it is necessary for producing breast milk, but it affects the adipose tissue too, thereby interrupting your body metabolism. In a nutshell, it could be explained likewise – the prolactin hormone reduces the ability of the fatty or adipose tissue in the body to store the fat and the sugar. As a result, all the fats get accumulated either in the blood or underneath the tissues, making things worse!

Why does prolactin cause weight gain?

Prolactinomas are often held to be the reasons behind causing you excess weight gain. This happens regardless of a mass effect on the hypothalamus or your pituitary functionality. It results to elevated body weight. When the medical practitioners conducted their sets of research, it was found out that almost 90% of male patients and 70% of the prolactinomas patients finally got the issue sorted out and they could witness a weight loss.

Is Cabergoline helpful in losing your excess weight?

When you have got a high prolactin level, it may often lead you to gain a lot of weight. In such a scenario, a prolactin inhibitor might actually work! After a lot of research works were conducted and studies were held, we finally came across several medical reports and documents that portrayed a significant reduction in body weight of the people in a span of 3 months.

There have been a further decline in the body weight, post 6 months of Cabergoline treatment. After 6 months of this treatment going on, documents proved that there was a prominent reduction in the WHR, BMI and body fat. If you consultant your doctor than they will definitely suggest cabergoline for weight loss from generic island

How to lower prolactin level naturally?

Since Vitamin B-6 is a part of the dopamine production procedure, and higher levels of this element in the diet will enhance the level of prolactin in the body, it is essential to maintain its level within. However, vitamin E prevents the rise in prolactin level in the body. You can always choose to talk to your doctor or a nutritionist, for that matter, in order to make sure that you are neither deficit nor taking in excess of vitamins and other supplements. Just monitor your inputs and things are sure to fall in places.

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