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Run Smooth Business Operations with Salon Management Software

Whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran in the beauty and wellness industry, by now you’re aware the challenges of running a streamlined and efficient salon business is very different than the challenges you may have faced in opening a beauty salon business. As a result, you must constantly think on your toes and juggle between the administrative and creative sides of the business. Whilst doing all of this you have to worry about improving the productivity of your team and increasing the profitability of your business. So, if you’re wondering how to manage a beauty salon business and not be overwhelmed, read along.

The solution is to leverage technology. Consider technology to be your business partner, which will help you streamline the administrative activities of your business and invest in salon management software. Most successful salons no longer sit with pen and paper to book appointments, run inventor checks, and compute cash flows. On the contrary, all the data is stored on software, which does all the daily tasks for you such that you can focus on other issues. Whether you run a single-store salon or a multi-store salon, salon management software can cover your requirements with ease and grant you peace of mind. Here are the tasks that the software can accomplish for your business.

Appointment & Schedule Management

For a business that runs on a steady stream of appointments, it is important that the appointments keep coming all the time, and instantly scheduled into the calendar. A salon management software is equipped to allow clients to book appointments anytime, including during your non-business hours. Once the appointment is confirmed it is automatically put into the calendar. Since the slot is already used, the software prevents accepting erroneous double bookings. An additional feature in the software is to send automated reminders to clients about the upcoming appointment and as a result, reduce no-show bookings. Additionally, employees can get real-time access to their workload and plan their day accordingly. One of the oldest salon chains in the UK, Pall Mall Barbers renewed their customer experience with Zenoti’s salon management software and now reportedly get 80% of the bookings online.

Track Inventory

Managing the inventory of products is a tedious task. How do you ascertain that you have adequate stocks to conduct the treatment but not as many stocks that you block your capital? To prevent such situations, it is best to track the consumption of the products. The best salon software will prevent you from manually counting your inventory and doing the mental math. It will allow the stylist and the technicians to input the quantity of product used or sold and then considering the lead time, alert you to order the replacement stocks. Thus, you will have an asset-light inventory model for your salon.

Effective Marketing

As a salon owner or manager, you are responsible to drive the marketing campaigns. Thankfully, some salon management software such as Zenoti can you assist you in your running your marketing campaigns. By deploying state-of-the-art data analytics, and having a centralized customer database, it allows you to send highly personalized SMS and email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, the software is equipped to store and analyze the response and revenue generated from each and every marketing campaign such that you can figure out what works with the clients and what doesn’t. The software also allows you to incorporate a loyalty program, a gift card sales program, and membership programs.

Superior Customer Experience

From beginning to end, provide your customers with an experience that is par excellence. By deploying a POS system, you can create a seamless experience for check-in, minimal wait time, service, invoicing, receipts and payments, all at the click of a button. A state of art POS system will be equipped to collect payment by cash, card or UPI systems, essentially any mode which works conveniently for the customer.

Manage Multiple Locations

As mentioned earlier, a salon management system allows you to run multiple stores and have both individual and unified views of the business. It practically eliminates your need of being present at every location. Whether it is managing sales, inventory or staff at any location, the software does it all for you. Software such as the one from Zenoti has superior features and can be easily scaled for multi-store operations. Did you know that Enrich Salons, an Indian chain, scaled its operations to 54 stores with the help of Zenoti’s salon management software?

Aside from some of above mention benefits, salon management software can do much more. If you’re looking to delve deeper into how a salon management business can help you derive all the advantages of salon business, we recommend reading our detailed post on How Salon POS Software can Improve your salon business.


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