Everything You Need To Know About Opening A Online Headshop

The legalization process of cannabis has increased the demand for the head shops all over the world. The headshop business is booming starting from the rolling papers of the dry herbs to CBD/THC concentrates. All the essential tools for us to enjoy our favourite herbs are being provided by the headshops. For opening a headshop you must have the knowledge of certain items that customers may ask from you.


You need to know the facts about the do’s and don’ts when you are planning to open your online headshop. There are several important facts that you must be aware of while you want to open your own online headshop in future. There are multiple things that purple do not know about opening a head shop in an online mode.


Important Facts About Opening An Online Headshop  

There are multiple factors you need to know if you plan to open an online headshop. Therefore, let’s explore those points to get a better insight into it. You must have a clear conception about the business that you want to start.


Is It Legal To Sell Bongs?

Initially it is No but later the answer is Yes. The selling of bong is considered as illegal depending on the country that you live in. In the United States drug Paraphilias, bongs and water pipes are considered as illegal. On the other hand transporting and selling drugs is also against the law of the country. The twist of the scenario is here as most of the products are not cannabis only it can also be used as tobacco too. This is the reason why in most of the head shops products are labeled for Tobacco Use only. In most of the cases the authorities are also nor interested in busting their heads for the purpose of technicalities.Hence, if you want to start your own online headshops then you must refer in your legal pages that your products are for tobacco use only and only adults whose age is over 18 years can use it.


Can You Ship Cannabis To a State Like Texas Where The Cannabis Are Not Legalised Yet?

Yes you can ship your products to this state also just you need to attach a sticker that says “For Tobacco Use Only”. These are all the legal formalities that you need to maintain for opening a headshop online.


Now let’s explore the platforms where you can build your online head shops one after the other to get a better insight into it.

Which Online Platform You Can Use To Build Your Online Headshop   

There are several online platforms that provide you the opportunity to open your online headshops to increase your business in future. Therefore, let’s explore some of the important names of the online sites where you can open your online headshops.


Amazon has made it very clear in their legal pages that all the drug paraphilias are being used for the purpose of Tobacco smoking and the pot also. As long as there is nor reason for suspicion for illegal reasons all the bongs and the water pipes are 100% legal. Bong selling is actually not allowed in the site of Amazon even if you make your sellers account and put all the relevant pics in it. Amazon can detect your product related to cannabis and will discard your product listings. They will also not allow you to sell your bond or any other products anymore in the future. Even though you will get high traffic instead of it you cannot sell anything on Amazon. Also Amazon Automation will help you for your business. Hence, for your online headshop Amazon may not be the correct choice for you.



As per the Ebay’s legal page selling drug paraphilias and illegal drugs are not allowed to sell through their platform.


Here are the listed items that eBay does not allow to sell through their platforms.

  • Steroids, Narcotics and other controlled substances.
  • Items which claim legal high.
  • Marijuana or the pipes that are marketed for the purpose of selling illegal drugs.
  • Tobacco pipes and other smoking accessories that are not intended for the usage of the drug are allowed.
  • Vaporizers that are intended for the use of mrizuana and alcohol.

In some cases eBay allows you to sell bong on their platforms but you never know when eBay may dib down their listing of your products. Hence, the best thing is to avoid the platform of eBay for opening your online headshop.


Can you sell your bond on wish the answer is Yes. You can sell your products on Wish. They offer you that opportunity to open an online headshop in their platform. There is one problem in Wish that all the glass items are poorly made and are very cheap. You cannot gain more traffic from their website. If you want higher profit in a short span of time then Wish is not the correct platform for you. You need to switch on other platforms for opening your headshop. You need to scroll down your options to make better choices for yourself.



It may be a good idea from your counterpart to sell bong on Facebook /Instagram. You can feature your product through an instant buy action button. Bad news is you cannot sell bonds using their platform. They can block your online account and it is very hard to recover it if they block your account once.


You cannot even use their advertising tools to promote your bongs online. Once, your online headshop account is banned in their platform it is very hard to recover. Hence while using the online platforms for your headshop you need to be very careful and cautious about it.




Hence, if you want to open your online headshop then you must be cautious about the above mentioned factors. You cannot take things lightly rather you need to consider the facts very seriously. There are many options are there you need to scroll down that options to make a right choice for your online headshops.


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