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Types of Pregnancy Body Pillows That Help You Sleep More Comfortably

Sleeping proper at the night can be a very difficult task in the pregnancy period. Your growing pump can give you the limits for your sleep position but being pregnant you also need to take more rest especially in the night. Maternity or pregnancy pillow can give you a lot of support to take some good rest and feel relax your body as you deserve. The simple pillow that you are using for regular sleep might not be able to provide you comfort and this is the reason most of the doctors recommend for a pillow.

Maternity pillows specially designed to support your belly and body to give you a good sleep. In pregnancy symptoms, night sleep is one of the problems that 98 percent woman has complaints.  So many different full body pregnancy pillows are available in the market but It’s all depend on your need which area that you want to use. Let’s read about some of the types of pregnancy body pillows that are easily available in the market and how they can provide you better sleep with a cute smile on your face.

Memory Foam Pregnancy Body Pillow

A specially designed to support your full body and If you are one of the Tempur-Pedic foam mattress addicted, then memory foam pregnancy body pillow is the best option to use. It can also support your full body and you can start to use it from your neck then between your legs from your hip and the end at your beautiful bump, wherever you want you can utilize it on your body.

Wedge-shaped pillows

Wedge-shaped pillow, another pillow that is designed to support the full body especially during pregnancy. Wedge pillows are mostly used to relieve the heartburn that is common for a pregnant woman. After some change in your center of gravity, you will feel heart burning and back pain, it can also help you to reduce a lot of pressure from your hip especially during the night sleep.

Letter-shaped pillows

During pregnancy, maintain a healthy body and mind it is really important for your unborn child. When your belly will start growing you will feel some changes and struggle in your night sleep. The letter or C-shaped body pillow is the only can give you the all body support in all your pregnancy period. From your mental health to your feet swelling, the best option to use. Besides pregnancy, most of the doctors recommending this pillow to use in for surgery and injury recovery because of the design and material on it. Also, if you are suffering from sciatica and Fibromyalgia you can use this pillow. For more and better reviews of PharMeDoc C-Shaped Body Pillow visit

Boppy Pregnancy Body Pillow

During the pregnancy period, you always want yourself to feel more relax and comfortable. Boppy pregnancy body pillow especially made to support your gorgeous pump and your hip. Like the design, it’s really simple and small that you can carry it anywhere. You can use it for your belly, back prop, and legs. It can also use for other purposes as well as to provide you a perfect pregnancy. Because of the size, it is really easy to clean and routine care of it.

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