Tips to Prepare For CBSE English Exam 2020

In a student’s life, it is not easy to prepare for the most important exam. Students need to go through a lot of anxiety and stress while preparing for the exam. With the help of proper study materials, students can score more marks in their exams. Students should start their exam preparation early so that they can complete the vast syllabus. So, while preparing for the exam, students mostly concentrate on major subjects like Maths and Science. They give less importance to subjects like languages, English, etc., which is not the correct methodology for exam preparation.

To excel in their final exam, students should make sure that they give equal importance to all the subjects. English is an important and scoring subject which needs strong grammar and writing skills. It is a subject that is all about grammar, comprehension, literature, and writing skills. Students of the CBSE Board while preparing for their English exam can refer to their class wise notes such as CBSE Class 8 English notes to clear their doubts. In this article, we have mentioned a few tips to excel in the English exam.

4 Tips to Score Excellent Marks in English Exam

1. Practice writing and grammar

For the comprehensive writing and grammar section, students should practice letters, essays, articles, etc. To get a clear idea of this section, students can refer to previous year question papers and sample papers. While practicing the grammar section students should focus on correct usage of tenses, direct and indirect speech, etc. Apart from this, students should practice questions related to grammar and comprehensive writing from the sample papers.

2. Concentrate on the Literature section.

After completing the writing and grammar section, students should concentrate on the literature section. Students should be thorough with the gist of poems and stories mentioned in the syllabus. While preparing for this part of the section, students can refer to their textbook notes such as CBSE Class 10 English Notes available class wise.

3. Refer to NCERT textbooks.

The most valuable resource for exam preparation for CBSE students is their NCERT textbooks. So, students should stick to their NCERT English textbooks as it covers the entire syllabus. Teachers also refer to the textbook while preparing the exam paper. After revising the entire textbook, students can refer to NCERT solutions for practice purposes. It provides various types of questions from each topic and there is a chance that some questions might be asked in the final exam.

4. Knowledge of the syllabus

Students should make sure that they go through their syllabus before they start their exam preparation. It will help students to excel in their English exam as the question paper will be prepared accordingly. The syllabus provides the complete course structure along with the weightage of marks. So, it helps students to understand which topic they should give more importance to from an exam perspective.

5. Previous year question papers and sample papers.

Students should solve previous year question papers to improve their knowledge and time management skills. The previous year’s question paper gives an overview of the real question paper, making schemes, important questions, etc. CBSE sample papers are prepared as per the syllabus by referring to the previous year’s question papers. It also helps students to raise their confidence level while writing the final exam.

In conclusion, we can say that scoring good marks in the English exam is not so tough if students are perfect in grammar and writing skills. Students can subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch relatable and interactive videos based on the subject requirement.


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