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Social Media Analysis: Why Savvy Brands Are Turning to NetBase Quid!

According to the research team at Statista, there are currently more than 4.15 billion active social media participants in the world. The vast majority of those social media users belong to Facebook, though platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are not far behind.

With such a massive following, social media is a playground not just for our entertainment, but for our businesses to thrive within. Savvy companies are increasingly turning to professional analytics and social media analysis to craft effective marketing campaigns while building their brand.

How to Complete a Social Media Analysis

Analytics can be the driving force behind change and momentum in industries ranging from baseball to real estate, and everywhere in between. While it is easy to track followers and comments, we need more contextual information to see how we are faring with regard to our competition. Introducing the Social Media Analysis.

To perform your own social media analysis, consider undergoing the following steps.

  1. Analyze Your Audience Insight Report — Everything that your company is begins and ends with your audience. Crafting an audience-focused marketing strategy will help to funnel clicks into conversions. To accomplish this, we must know what our audience wants from us. Utilizing social media analytics, we can learn more about our brand’s targeted demographics, geographic locations, potential income levels, and how they change over time.
  2. Engage in Social Listening — One of the most important advancements over the past decade is the pivot toward consumer eccentricity. Social Listening is the ideal first step to take to better understand who your audience is and what exactly they are looking for. Social listening involves more than just broad information. Dig deeper into details to better understand the people that enjoy your business. We are thinking on a more personal than a statistical level by focusing on feelings (how your brand impacts them) over raw numbers/demographics.
  3. Assess Your Competition — While we like to think that we are the sole captains of our fate, we must also assess and understand the competition and marketplace surrounding our business. We can’t outwork our competition if we don’t even understand why they are exceeding us! Assessing competitors and how they perform on social media can give us insight and guidance to where we need to improve ourselves. Check opposing websites, social media platforms, and even content offerings. Where are their clients most interactive? What are they doing well?

Performing a social media analysis on your company should become part-and-parcel of your routine. Analyzing your business and the social landscape surrounding it is integral and an ongoing part of your operations. The internet is always in a state of flux as things change, technology innovates, and new products and services reach the market.

Craft Brand Momentum With NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid is proud to offer next-generation consumer and market intelligence platforms to the businesses and brands that need them most. Targeted contextualized insights are delivered to your fingertips to help you connect with clients, understand your competitors, and take over the market.

Request a demonstration from NetBase Quid today to enjoy stunning features and business benefits in the future. NetBase Quid specializes in crisis management, social media listening, social media intelligence, and revitalizing brand health. Current premier clients include Walmart, the New York Times, Coca-Cola, and Warner Brothers.

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