7 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel for More Views

7 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel for More Views

YouTube is one of the most engaging and popular social media platforms. The platform has over 122 million active daily users among 150+ nations worldwide. Owing to the immense popularity of the platform, many marketers and content creators start their own YouTube channels in order to get their share of the pumpkin pie that is the audience and subscribers’ attention.

However, they sometimes need to improve in making an impact on the platform. But we have got our readers covered with some brilliant ideas and ways to ace YouTube views and use the platform to its fullest.

Effective methods to promote your YouTube channels:-

Here are some amazing ways to promote your YouTube channels in order to get more views. We hope the readers get useful insights that can help them strategize their YouTube plans for growing big on the platform.

1.   Optimize titles and use keywords:

To start with, YouTubers should keenly observe and select the most catchy and relevant keywords floating and trending on the internet. YouTubers should use these keywords and create mind-boggling titles to attract and intrigue people’s interest in the video.

Using keywords in the title will help your videos get featured on Google searches and improve the search engine rankings.

2.   Focus on brand collaborations:

The next way to promote your YouTube channel is to focus on brand collaborations and partnerships. This will make the reach of your video to sore high. Many subscribers and YouTube audiences get engaged with the medium of collaborative content and invest their time in watching the videos to get useful information regarding the endorsed product.

3.   Be consistent:

The simplest way to gain more and more views is to be consistent in making and publishing videos. YouTubers should also curate a festive or seasonal holiday calendar to devise vibrant and vivid topics for their videos to keep their views and subscribers intact and entertained.

4.   Create YouTube Shorts:

We often talk about keeping up with the latest trends on a platform like YouTube. The current happening trend on the platform is YouTube Shorts. These are short-format videos that a creator must create in order to get a good push from the YouTube algorithm.

Creating Shorts doesn’t require much effort and time; the viewer’s average attention span is also easily captured. The creators can reach millions of people in a very short time, and this will boost the views volume of the YouTube channel.

5.   Embed YouTube videos:

The next strategy is to embed YouTube channel videos on your subsequent websites. This will increase the chances of your videos being viewed by a large number of people visiting your website. The embedding process can be seamlessly delegated to the social media aggregator tools.

These tools are equipped and efficient in providing a user-friendly experience, and they do not require the user to have any previous experience and coding knowledge. The tools also enable the user to modify and customize the YouTube widget accordingly, making the website more attractive and visually appealing.

6.   Create intriguing thumbnails:

We have always come across some bizarre and clickbait-y thumbnails on YouTube videos with millions of views. Thus by this, we get the idea that YouTube videos with eye-catching thumbnails catch hold of the visitor’s attention easily and get views from many people.

The YouTubers can go ahead with their creative vices and make attractive and intriguing thumbnails that make the subscriber’s eyes roll and click the videos. Interesting thumbnails help the YouTube channel get more views.

7.   Cross-promote your channels:

The last way to promote your YT channel is to do cross-channel promotions. In layman’s terms, this means defying the virtual boundaries of social media platforms and promoting your YouTube channel. This strategy helps the YouTuber to leverage his/her social influence from one social media platform to another.

This has a dual benefit, firstly, the existing followers on another platform get to know about the YouTube channel, and secondly, the new subscribers share often trace YouTubers on different platforms.

Summing up:-

Summing up, we can say that the readers have been offered a spoonful of ideas and ways to strategize their YT channel’s views. We now leave it to the reader’s discretion to select and implement the best suitable methods according to their preferences.


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