An Update Regarding Call of Duty Anti-Cheat Programs

An Update Regarding Call of Duty Anti-Cheat Programs

Call of Duty aimbot and Call of Duty: Warzone ™ overall has zero tolerance for fraudsters. Our focus is on fighting both scammers and cheat providers. Today, we banned 60,000 accounts in cases where Warzone was confirmed to have used cheat software, achieving a total of over 300,000 permavans worldwide since its launch.

We are also working to identify and address cheat providers that distribute third-party software that is not authorized for modding or hacking.

We are committed to providing a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. It is dedicated to security, enforcement and technology teams.

Since its launch, we have taken some dedicated actions.

  • Weekly backend security updates

-Improved in-game reporting mechanism

Added two-factor authentication to disable over 180,000 suspicious accounts

Eliminates a number of unauthorized third-party software providers

  • Increased dedicated teams and resources across software development, engineering, data science, legal, and monitoring

In addition, we are strengthening our efforts and capabilities in these important areas.

・ Enhancement of in-house anti-cheat software

  • Additional detection technology

-Addition of new resources specialized for monitoring and implementation

-Regular communication updates regarding progress. More two-way dialogue

・ Cheat provider zero tolerance

・ Consistent and timely prohibition

Security and enforcement teams are taking additional preventative and enforcement measures throughout the year to eradicate both fraudsters and cheat providers.

Scammers know they’re always looking for vulnerabilities and identify cheats such as aim-bots, wall hacks, trainers, statistical hacks, texture hacks, leader-board hacks, injectors, hex editors, and other third-party software. We continue to provide resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deal with this. Used to manipulate game data or memory.

Our ongoing security and enforcement commitment is a franchise that spans War-zone, Modern Warfare® and Black Ops. For War zone communications, Raven Software’s War zone development team will lead the sharing of future updates. We will provide at least monthly updates and, where possible, weekly updates to the community. Follow us here: @Raven Software. For more information on the latest security and enforcement policies, please visit

There is no place to flirt. We are working on this purpose. We are listening and will not stop our efforts
Their customer care was a little disappointing. They have 24 * 7 chats, but it took about 8-10 minutes to connect with people.

In addition, each reply took 3-4 minutes. If the conversation lasts long enough, it can be very annoying.

But hey, most other sites still use the ticketing system, so you have to wait hours or even days, which is even worse.

Another drawback of Rival-cheats is that the library is limited due to hacks like radar hacks. Even the number of games is small.

Their FAQ page was very helpful, and they accept 61 different payment methods that increase the ease of purchase for people all over the world.


Battlelog remains indisputable # 1, but it’s worth considering Rival Cheats if you’re on a tight budget. It’s better than many other sites because problems are reported immediately and refunds aren’t delayed.

Believe me, they will not ban your account when you request a refund. In addition, their support is slower than Battlelog, but faster than sites with a ticketing system, so it deserves third place.



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