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9 Hacks to Efficiently Edit Your Videos

9 Hacks to Efficiently Edit Your Videos

In current times, people have started watching more video content. The amount of video streamed online has doubled since 2018. The different types of content streamed on online platforms range from entertaining to informative. 

Around 17% of internet users between the age of 18-25 years spend 20 hours a week watching videos. Therefore, video marketing can be quite effective in targeting the youth. 

When you upload properly edited videos, your audience will find them more captivating. Even a few years back, video editing was mostly guesswork. But nowadays, you can edit your videos and make them enthralling for your audience with a few tricks up your sleeves.

The various tips to enhance your videos by editing them are as follows:

  • Select a Proper Editing Tool

The first step to begin your video editing process is to select the right tool. With all the editing tools available, you need to choose the one that works for your editing style. Settling for the latest online video editor or the one with the most advanced features is not the most suitable for you. Watch tutorials to know about the features of the video editor and how to use them. 

  • Use a Fast Device

Whether you are editing your videos on a laptop or computer, it should be a fast one. Investing in an SSD is quite convenient as it is a faster storage drive. While understanding how to edit videos, people often wonder how much time it will take to complete them. A great way to reduce the time required for video editing is to increase the memory of your device to a minimum of 8GB. 

  • Plan Beforehand and Stick to It

People think that editing can solve all problems. But the problem is if you don’t have the desired footage, editing won’t be of any help. While shooting your clips, you need to roughly visualize how you want your video to turn out. While sitting down to edit your video, you might feel that the clips are not good enough. You always have the option of re shooting, but it is going to be a huge hassle.

  • Organise Your Media

While working on a video project, it is essential for you to organised all your video files. You need to scout through all the footage you have recorded for your video. It will not be humanly possible to include hours of footage in a single video. Moreover, not every footage will be good enough to make it to the final cut. Therefore, you should create a separate folder for all the clips you want to include in your video to avoid confusion. 

  • Select Relatable Music

While editing a video, people only concentrate on the visuals. But you also need to add attractive music to your video to make it more captivating. You should try adding cheerful music to your videos. However, a track that’s too peppy or upbeat can easily overdo it. 

Sometimes people also prefer adding voice overs to their videos. You can also integrate fading background music even if you like talking to the camera. An important instruction under “how to edit videos” is to invest in high-quality equipment for recording audio. Professional microphones will ensure that your audio is clear to your audience. 

  • Include Text and Graphics

Apart from the title and subtitles, adding text to your video can make it more structured. The text you are using should be simple and clean. The text on your video should not divert attention from the visuals. Dissolving your text in and out might be a good idea, depending on the type of video. Editing software can also help you include flashy graphics. Motion graphics work best for videos like travel vlogs.  

  • Be Careful About Effects Like Transition and Filter

Adding effects to your videos can help in enhancing their entire appearance. Using effects is almost like seasoning your food. Your chosen online video editor might help you experiment with various effects. But too many effects might be overwhelming for your video. 

The best time to add filters is when the overall video is almost ready. While adding transition, you need to be consistent with it. No matter what transitions you are using, they should be subtle. While adding effects helps in polishing your video, you should follow the approach of “less is more.”

  • Colour Correct the Video Clips

Colour correcting your video clips is one of the best ways to enhance it. Playing with colors in your videos can help in highlighting specific subjects and evoking certain emotions. It can also help in setting the mood or atmosphere of your video. 

While working on colour correction, your primary goal should be consistency in every scene. Colour grading is also essential when you want to make your videos look realistic. Colour correction and grading can also help in differentiating between the various scenes in a video. For instance, a monochromatic or sepia tone can create the vibe of a flashback scene.

  • Export Web Versions of Your Video

After you finish editing your video, most editors export the video at the largest resolution. The largest video resolution is quite effective when you are working on a project that’s going to be played out on ultra HD screens. However, most videos are created for online marketing in the current times. 

Therefore, you should focus on exporting smaller but high-quality versions to ensure easy playback. High-quality videos should not be too heavy for online upload. Several video platforms on the internet like Facebook and YouTube have recommended settings for export. You should resize your files appropriately before uploading them on your chosen online platform. 

Closing Thoughts

Video editing requires artistry, and you should not restrict your creative juices from flowing while doing the job. The current scenario is witnessing more businesses choosing video marketing as a promotional tool. As everybody is focused on creating videos, more video editing tools are becoming available. After putting together your video, you also need to focus on choosing the right platform for sharing it to get your desired reach.


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