How the Right Test Automation Strategy Helps You Save Money?

The transition to automated testing in software development is inspiring with additional perspectives. But at the same time, there are distrustful companies that are not ready to part with the benefits of manual testing. Their delusion lies in the fact that they argue in terms of “either-or”. However, the right test automation strategy does not imply the total dominance of one of the testing methods. They must work in tandem. And in such cooperation, they can produce amazing results that will free up your efforts and save you money.

The Crucial Role of Testing

The QA and QC test teams are always trying to improve the testing tools and procedures. They understand that

  • the excellence of the final product and, as a result, its success on the market depends on the quality of their work
  • the duration of the software life cycle depends on the speed of their work. The shorter the life cycle, the higher the competitive advantage of the company. Nobody needs a belated product that is unlikely to be in demand on the market.

The Advantages of Test Automation

As a result of automated testing strategy the developer team creates high-quality, innovative, and reliable applications. The positive effect is guaranteed by the advantages of this method:

  • continuous testing speeds up all the processes connected with software development
  • immediate feedback creates conditions for the timely identification of bugs at early stages of work
  • accurate and all-embracing testing will guarantee that bugs and mistakes that could be overlooked in the process of manual testing, will be eliminated

How Do Companies Reduce Their Costs When Implementing Automated Testing?

When deciding to switch to QA automation strategy, companies must be sure that it will be effective. This strategy must be productive both in terms of the quality of the final product and in terms of the financial resources spent on its production. What factors determine cost savings? Here are some of them:

  • a solid delivery pipeline will be created
  • high test coverage will be guaranteed
  • the working time of developers will be saved
  • changes to the code will be produced quickly
  • the risk of breaking the application will be minimized
  • the ability to reuse tests will save time on their development

Why It Is Better to Entrust Test Automation to the Experienced Team of Professionals?

Of course, the benefits of automated testing are undeniable. However, not every company can afford to maintain its own continuous testing team for a number of reasons:

  • the initial investment in this kind of testing can be very high
  • there are not so many highly qualified specialists in this field, you just may not find free ones
  • you can start teaching automated testing methods to your testers, but this will also require significant financial and time costs
  • the development and design of automated tests is also expensive

Therefore, outsourcing this task to the services of a first-class team of test automation engineers would be the best solution in this situation. Zappletech offers you a full-cycle approach that will allow you to reach all goals in relation to your software and economize your funds at the same time.


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