What You Need to Know About Managing Escape from Tarkov Items

All the ways you can keep and store your Escape from Tarkov items are here in this article. Proper management leads to better raids and less heartbreak, so read on and enjoy Escape from Tarkov!

How to keep and store them

Escape from Tarkov items are the lifeblood of the game. It’s what players have to collect every raid. More than that, their weapon, armor, and backpack are all items. With any game that places importance on items, inventory management is the key.

Here’s how you can manage all your Escape from Tarkov stuff.

Hideout Stash

With the arrival of the Hideout, players get a bomb shelter they can upgrade. Some upgrades produce currency, others let players craft useful things, especially the Medstation. At any rate, the Hideout also provides a 10×28 stash for the players to use.

Those who bought certain versions of the game can receive a bigger stash. Those with the standard version have to upgrade the hideout to increase theirs. The biggest size you can get is 10×68. For that, you’ll need to have upgraded the Generator, Workbench, and Heating to 3. You’ll also need the Intelligence Center at 2 and the following materials:

200,000 Euros

10 Screw Nut

10 Bolts

7 Shustrilo Sealing Foam

Your loyalty levels with Peacekeeper and Ragman should be at 4, too. It’ll take much effort to reach that point, so don’t delay! More items mean more chances of survival.


There will come a point when even the 10×68 stash won’t be enough for everything you have. When that happens you’re going to need containers to extend your stash. Though they take up space in your storage grid, they’re usually bigger on the inside. Take the Lucky Scav Junkbox as an example. It has a size of 4×4 but contains 14×14 space.

Having many containers can also organize your stash. Some containers only take certain items, such as the Weapons Case. You can only put weapons in it, so looking to exchange your weapon is easier. There’s also the Meds Case or the Magazine Case. With these containers, you can be sure what’s inside them.

Keeping Items Upon Death

Escape from Tarkov has an absolutely brutal mechanic. Players lose all their things upon death. With items being the lifeblood of the game, of course, they would want methods to keep them. There are two ways to do so.

The first is to keep items in a Secure Container. All players get one upon purchase, with its size varying depending on the version bought. For those who got the standard one, the flea market offers the other versions. Of course, it’ll be at a cost they have to gather currency for. Upon death, the container won’t drop or be open for looting.

The other method is through Insurance. For a price, you can have your items insured through Prapor or the Therapist. Proper is cheaper but has a long waiting time and a short holding time. The Therapist is pricey, but you can get your stuff back faster. She also holds your things for a longer time than Prapor does.

As long as another player doesn’t loot it, you’ll be able to get it back after some time. You can insure gear, containers, and intel items, but not consumables. Take note that if an uninsured item is in an insured container, you only get the container (and other insured stuff in it) back. Trying to keep consumables inside an insured container won’t work either.

Be careful that you don’t end a raid MIA since the insurance won’t take effect in that situation. In that case, when you feel you won’t make it, discard your insured items to get them back. You can also discard empty magazines in hidden places to free up inventory and also get it back later. Lastly, insurance does not take effect during raids in the Lab.

Intelligence Center upgrades in your Hideout can shorten the return time by 20%. The Hideout Management skill further increases this percentage by 1% per skill level.


Those are all the ways you can manage your Escape from Tarkov items. Good inventory management means better efficiency in knowing what you need. That in turn gives smoother raids since you know what to shoot for. Sure you can still get extra, but at least you’re more focused and have a plan. That’s always better than running in blind and getting a little too greedy. Staying too long can be dangerous as supplies and escape routes dwindle.

Have fun playing Escape from Tarkov, and take care of your items well!

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