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The Benefits of Kegel Exercises for Men’s health

Kegel exercises, what is it, how to do it?

Kegel exercises are applied to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor with many benefits: increase physical pleasure, stop urinary leakage, organ descent, both in women and in men.

How to do them? How many times per week?

Here is advice from our physiotherapist. Kegel exercises are exercises of contraction and relaxation of the perineum hammock of blended muscles that make up the pelvis’s bottom. That goes from the pubic bone in the head to the tailbone behind. Kegel is the character who developed these exercises in the United States. What united them in France at the edge of the 1970s.

The perineum is a stabilizer at the pelvic level; it goes in posture, instability, in breathing. Thus doing balance exercises provides the reintegration of the pelvic floor and gives clear improvements. Explains Erwan Le Rumeur, physiotherapist exercise in perineal and intestinal rehabilitation. Perineal reducing exercises are not only done to increase but in a rebalancing of the pelvic area,” he continues.

To know: The regular tensing of the perineum is the general denominator of all orgasms, whatever their starting point, sensory, clitoral, vaginal. In his book therapist, shows that a light orgasm corresponds to 3 or 4 contractions, a powerful orgasm to 12 or 15. The more muscular the perineum, the more satisfaction. Intense.

5 excellent goals to strengthen your perineum

The perineum is a set of muscles that help the bladder, uterus, and rectum. Many women neglect their importance. Here are the excellent aims to build muscle and the prospects if you ignore it with the gynecologist.

In which requires to do them?

To strengthen the perineum, they are traditionally supported after childbirth and post-menopause or after prolapse. It is also enjoyable and exciting to do throughout pregnancy. Studies show that there is less postpartum patience in women who have shown pelvic floor exercises. It is a problem of dosage, to be estimated with an expert, “shows Erwann Le Rumeur.

How to do them?

Depending on the contractions and the muscle fibers you need to work on, there are different exercises. If men is suffering from ED then they can also try Fildena or vidalista 60.

Short and fast contractions, we tighten and release the perineum to work the so-called “fast” fibers.

Strong contractions held for 6 seconds to work on the holding of the recession. For example

If you have a coughing fit, your perineum using must be strong adequate to last the time of the fit; if you are in deficit, you may have urinary leakage.

Mild contractions, but held longer about ten seconds, and as much rest just as great. These are the so-called “moderate” or “tonic” fibers that work in this exercise.

Do 10 reducing morning and evening while cleaning your teeth, for example?

How many times a week for them to be useful?

For the support of the pelvic board, you require two sequences of about fifteen minutes per week. This can be a portion of life’s hygiene, doing 10 contractions morning and evening while brushing your teeth, for example. ‘You manage your perineum well, and what can combine these exercises into another everyday activity, “explains Erwann. On the other hand, if you want again, you require at least three sequences per week.

What stuff do we require?

Mat, ball, do I require special equipment to perform Kegel exercises? No, answers Erwann: “We can control the perineum everywhere! This is the muscle group that we can work without getting time on our life: brushing your teeth, sitting, standing, while buying “.

Kegel exercise for men: purpose, how to use?

In the event of urinary incontinence, usually caused by the removal of the prostate, men can repeat Kegel exercises like women: “Our muscles are about the same, made up of” gradual “fibers, of” fast “fibers. Men can do the equivalent exercises “proves the physiotherapist.

What regards before starting?

There are no real contraindications to performing Kegel exercises at home. Nevertheless, it is advisable to go by a trained to show you how to do the exercises correctly.

The objective of the rehabilitation is to learn to do an exercise perfectly so that it is then reproduced at home,” recalls our examiner.

Why make the perineum in men?

As you age, become overweight, or after a urological operation on the prostate, it may be required to strengthen the perineum to control it. By never making it work, it will become flabby and will no longer fulfill its primary purposes.

The perineum is intimately connected to the quality of your erections, your ejaculation, and the satisfaction felt, and the proof is, when you ejaculate, it is this area that guarantees.

By doing this, you will also play on two other elements concerning your erections: the blood circulation, which will be fluidized, which would lead to better erections, and the nervous sensitivity, which will enable you to fully understand the surges of pleasures, to better gauge the moment of your ejaculation and therefore delay it.

To better control your physical performance, you must learn how to increase your perineum, which will be described later.

How to strengthen the perineum in a man?

Before beginning to practice Kegel exercises for men, the first thing to do is find the pelvic floor muscles to feel the work through the effort.

One of the ways to spot it is to stop urination. When you urinate, you can contact an area to stop the urine flow for some moments: the muscle that gets is the perineum, and tadalista and vidalista 40 help to get rid of ED. Be careful not to mess around with closing your urine, thinking that it will stimulate the muscle, as it can lead to urinary difficulties and infections.

When you are straight, you can also contract the muscles to enable you to move your penis, which will pull slowly during the contraction. It is still the muscles of the pelvic floor.

When this area, found between the anus and the testicles, is recognized, you will be able to move on to practice.


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