How On-Demand Apps Are Shaping The Businesses Globally

The on-demand industry is booming for the past few years and replacing traditional business practices. Gone are the days, when you used to go to a grocery store to buy daily essentials. Now you can practically get streamlined and organized with few taps on your smartphone. These on-demand apps can let you buy groceries and have them deliver at the doorstep, can get you medical supplies, eCommerce shopping, call beautician, get your car washed, call electrician, and so on.

The on-demand sector is expected to cross $350 billion in 2025. Globally, people are taking benefit of these apps and so are businesses. That is why entrepreneurs compete to develop their kind of on-demand business app.

Established Brands Having On-Demand App

Some of the prominent names that have already established their mark in the market developing their exclusive on-demand app are:

  • Uber
  • Zomato
  • Swiggy
  • Airbnb
  • Fiverr
  • Lyft
  • Ola
  • PostMates
  • Eat24

Transforming The Businesses

  • It is expected that in the coming future, on-demand delivery services will be catering personalized experience to the customers
  • The on-demand delivery service apps are expected to grow 3X, generating more business than what traditional businesses used to do
  • The app helps the service providers to generate business from anywhere, by catering to the on-demand needs of the customers
  • These on-demand apps are not only helping people in streamlining their day but, they provide earning opportunities to those who wish to list themselves as freelancers, delivery drivers, who wish to earn a substantial income out of it.
  • The USP of these apps is the transparent practices, right from the quotes to the charges to offering services everything is fair. The users get to compare the prices as well to avail the services in their suiting budget.

Let’s have a look at the below-mentioned stats to get the real picture:

  • It is believed that approximately $58 billion is spent annually worldwide by the users using on-demand apps
  • The labor market is expected to increase by 20% annually in the next three years
  • Today, with the advent of on-demand apps 50% of the service provides/vendors/suppliers have started offering same-day delivery service
  • 73% of the employees working in an on-demand economy are said to be happy working
  • 75% of the employees are working part-time in an on-demand segment


How On-Demands Apps Are Modernizing Business

The apps have encouraged entrepreneurship

The advent of on-demand apps has made a great impact on businesses, letting entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. The app has opened the doors of potential opportunities letting the entrepreneurs invest in varied segments.

Easy to cover wider reach

The more the app download, the wider the reach. The on-demand services provide user-friendly services, where they can have peace of mind knowing that their daily essentials and house-hold chores are taken care of.

They offer a more personalized experience

The on-demand apps are now designed to provide a personalized experience. They are made user-centric, with customized features offering a seamless, hassle-free experience. This in turn encourages customers to use the app more. Some of the apps are offering multiple service app listed in one single app from grocery shopping to calling beauticians to get medical supplies to car wash services everything can be handled by single taps on the smartphone.

The labor market has increased

The employees that are working in the on-demand industry are happy. The kind of flexibility it offers to the laborers/employees, to work with full freedom and still have opportunities to earn a decent income.

Multiple payment options

It makes it easy for users to make payments via multiple payment options. The payment gateway is secured and encrypted thus offering peace of mind that the financial data will not be shared.

Multi-lingual support

Not everyone speaks and understands English. The on-demand app that comes equipped with multi-lingual support is the most preferred choice by the users. Witnessing the hassles of the users, today the local on-demand apps have multiple language options.


With reviews and ratings offered by the users can help improve the app services. This also lets your customers feel good about being heard their concerns and taking action over them. Making your user’s priority offers a personalized experience thus, improving app performance.

Provides better customer services

The future of on-demand apps looks secure and promising. These apps are focused on understanding customer demands and delivering efficient services to them directly.

This ease of getting to choose a service and using it conveniently makes on-demand apps a favorite among consumers. The current market for on-demand apps showcase huge potential, and we may even witness their growing adoption in newer industries and business domains.

On-demand sectors That Are Booming

  • Food and Grocery services
  • Fitness
  • On-demand video streaming
  • Healthcare industry – pharmacy delivery, on-demand doctors
  • Ecommerce
  • Home-services/Handyman
  • Courier and logistics
  • On-demand beauty

The Future Of On-demand Apps In Today’s Changing Business Landscape

Like initially having a website was necessary now having an app for the business is a necessity. The pandemic has slowed down businesses globally, shutting down some of them permanently. Only, on-demand apps were available to do the business. The picture is very clear – with a pandemic or not, nowadays people prefer ease, comfort, and convenience over visiting and personally browsing the stores. The on-demand app providers an exhaustive list of products/services that can be explored in one own’s time and what more with few clicks you can get the delivery at your door. This kind of accessibility is addictive. There’s no second doubt that the on-demand apps will be gone once everything will be normal.

Using on-demands apps is normal now. And it is going to stay now. Over time, it will undergo several future enhancements which is natural.

Witnessing the kind of growth and boom it brings to the business, you don’t need a reason not to develop one for your own business.

Concluding Thoughts

The on-demand apps are a huge success and they can be seen in every segment of our lives making it more organized and easy. If you are looking to build an on-demand app like Uber for your business, connect with a leading mobile app development company that only deals in providing white-label licensed source code, with all innovative features and build on the latest technology stack that takes your business to the next level.

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