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Megan fox and machine gun kelly: A Healthy Diet With Fresh-Off-The-Boat Lobster

Megan fox and machine gun kelly: A Healthy Diet With Fresh-Off-The-Boat Lobster

Contrary to popular belief, most celebrities do not have their own personal chefs who constantly monitor their diet and health. In fact, megan fox and machine gun kelly is one of the few that does, but she’s still finding herself going out of her way to enjoy lobster. Read on to see how she’s doing it!

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megan fox and machine gun kelly is On Vacation

As Megan fox and machine gun kelly vacationed in Greece earlier this week, she let loose a little bit on social media. In one Instagram post, the “Transformers” actress showed off her new diet: fresh-off-the-boat lobster!

Fox may have been trying to show off her healthy eating habits to her followers, but some people are skeptical. Some people say that fresh-off-the-boat lobster is not necessarily the healthiest option and can be full of toxins. Others say that even if the lobster is unhealthy, it’s still better than regular seafood.

Whatever Megan Fox’s reasoning for wanting to try fresh-off-the-boat lobster while on vacation, we’re sure that her fans are going to enjoy seeing pictures of her enjoying some delicious seafood!

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are Visiting a Lobster Spot

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are visiting a lobster spot in Maine. Lobster is one of Megan’s favorite foods, and she was excited to try the fresh-off-the-boat variety.

The two stars stopped by the spot on Saturday, and Machine Gun Kelly documented their visit on Instagram. In one photo, Megan is seen posing with a lobster while holding up her phone to take a screenshot.

In another photo, the two stars can be seen enjoying a lobster dinner together. They’re both wearing smiles as they eat the creatures from Maine.

Machine Gun Kelly captioned the photos: “Lobster for lunch with my beautiful friend @meganfox !! Love this girl!”

Megan Fox Eats A Lobster

Megan Fox is known for her fit body and healthy eating habits, so when she had the opportunity to try fresh-off-the-boat lobster, she couldn’t resist.

Fox’s dining companion for the meal was celebrity chef Curtis Stone, who cooked up a lobster feast for the two of them. The dish included fresh lobster cooked in a garlic and butter sauce over a bed of roasted vegetables.

Stone praised Fox’s taste buds, saying that she “absolutely loved” the dish. He added that lobster is one of the healthiest foods you can eat, and that it “delivers so many nutrients.”

Fox told reporters that she enjoys cooking because it gives her a chance to use her creative side. She added that she loves trying new foods and cooking for others.

Machine Gun Kelly Loves A Lobster

Machine Gun Kelly loves a lobster so much, he’s been known to fight a healthy diet with fresh-off-the-boat lobster.

“I love a good lobster,” the 29-year-old rapper told Complex in an interview. “I’m not ashamed to say it.”

He added: “The thing is, though, I know that there are people who are like, ‘Oh my god, don’t eat lobsters because they’re from the ocean and they’re full of toxins.’ But I don’t give a fuck about those people.”

Kelly eats lobster every chance he gets, and his love for the seafood knows no bounds. He once ate a whole lobster in one sitting at a restaurant in Miami.


Megan Fox is no stranger to a healthy diet, but she’s never shied away from indulging in a bit of lobster once in a while. The “Transformers” actress posted an Instagram photo of herself biting into a fresh-off-the-boat lobster on Thursday night. In the caption, she revealed that the seafood feast was part of her prepping for the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday night.

Fox has spoken out about her diet in the past, revealing that she avoids processed foods and instead opts for whole foods whenever possible. She also says that she tries to avoid eating too many sweets and junk food because it contributes to weight gain. While some people might criticize Fox for eating such high- calorie food items, we think it’s great that she enjoys getting creative with her meals and experimenting with different types of cuisine.

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