How Do You Avoid Paying Excess for Bail Bond Fee

How Do You Avoid Paying Excess for Bail Bond Fee

When one of your family members or friend is taken into custody, you will do all things possible to get him or her out of jail. Then, you need to do some research on the bail bond fee because it’s expensive in the United States and could prove heavy on your budget. If a person is charged with a criminal offense, the bail amount is around $55,000 or even more for release. Then, you need to get your loved one out of prison, as you cannot see him or her suffering in jail for an indefinite period.

According to an article published on  bail fee costs approximately $38 million to taxpayers in the country and so you do understand the expenses associated with it. Here are some ways to avoid paying excess for bail bond fee:

  • You can lower the bail bond amount

When you have a criminal defense attorney, you become eligible to an attorney-referred bond. It will help you to cut back on your bail bond fee to some extent. There is also a possibility to reduce the fee, if you manage to play down the bail amount, or try to get the sum of money waived; nevertheless, the chances are odd.

Filing a motion is another option through which you can mention that the defendant lacks the financial capacity to pay the amount. Then, you need to furnish some solid evidence in support of the inability petition. It is up to the judge to approve or reject such pleas.

Then, think before resorting to this method because court hearings might not be in the best interest of the defendant all the time. If your plea is rejected, you will need to pay more fees together with the bail amount increasing. Therefore, the best option is looking for Castle Bail Bonds to help your loved one released from prison.

  • Have a word with detention officials

Talk to detention officials, who provide trustworthy and accurate information because that is their responsibility and the officers, who’re in continuous touch with reliable bondsmen to give you specific details concerning the bond fee. It means that these officials would recommend you an honest and trustworthy bondsman, who will work hard to help your friend or family member, get out of jail.

It is one of the best options to get the bond fee reduced and you never know if you manage to get some discount based on specific conditions. You may get up to 20 percent off from a few bail bond providers in the country, which a detention officer can help you with at that time.

  • Talk with a dependable bondsman

Talk with a trustworthy bondsman with experience of 10 years or more and with good client testimonials. This way, you need not shell out an abnormal amount for the release of your loved one from jail. You should do some research to figure out about a bondsman’s expertise and reliability in posting a bail effectively.


Keep these tips in mind to avoid paying excess bail bond fees. Talk with the right people to get your loved one out of prison.


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