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Everything You Need to Know About Snapchat Spy App

I thought I was a cool dad and know everything my teen daughter love to do. It was true until she was old enough to know about the thing called social media and tons of versatile kinds of apps. When the social media storm came into her life I was the most affected one as the side effects were disastrous. As I have mentioned I consider myself a cool dad that’s why I tried to cope up with the change patiently.

First, it was the FaceBook, Then the Instagram, long list on instant message chat apps was one hell of a ride but thank god she got settled on the easier one, but this one caught me surprised. Yes, I am talking about Snapchat.

If you are familiar with Snapchat then it is good but for those like me who are not that big fan of this social media app,this one is different. It is different in the sense that it plays with the word privacy and infact with the user’s mindset. It is one of the most famous social media apps among teenagers andkids as it is famous for its disappearing features hence the term “privacy”.

The point is, all the messages,calls,voice messages or any shared media disappeared from the sender or receiver social media app within seconds after its received. It is ten seconds I guess. So if your kid has sent or received anything unethical there is no record of that on his or her cell phone or at the receiver end. Well yes, the screenshots I was going to talk about that the next. If anyone takesa screenshot of the conversation or any media,the sender will be notified by a message.

I was so much worried about the whole fiasco as this app was not my cup of tea plus  Iwas worried about the disappearing media thing as well.My cool dad version was a bit worried regarding the online safety of my daughter and that’s when my online research skills find me a middle way out.

Snapchatspy app offered by OgyMogy. The parental control features are very helpful for parents like me who aretrying so hard tocope up with the tech-savvygeneration.

Track All The Disappeared Text Messages:

As I have mentioned earlier the disappearance of the text message and media make this app unique from others and more attractive to teenagers. But by using the spy app feature user can check the text message sent or received by the teen’s device quite easily and might I add remotely. It is one of the best parts of using a spy app.

Make sure no bully sends your teen any abusive message on the social media app.The teen is obsessed with code words as well. Keep your eyes ontext content and try to crack any coded message sent or received by your teen.

Eyes On the Filtered Media:

The fact that the image file or video will not be saved on the target device makes the teen more daring and crazy. Asthey think this is the freedom to send anything to anyone. Keep your eyes on the media files received or sent to your teen app and make sure it is not something unethical or sexual related.

Even if the message or media file gets disappeared from the teen device it will be saved and reported to the user by the spy app.

Track Any Kind OF Hidden Activities:

The spy app feature lets the parents know about any secret life aspect of their teen. The map tracking feature on Snapchat allows the user to find their friendson the map. It is another risky feature and must be monitored by parents.The use of a spy app can help the parents to know about the whereabouts, friends, and circle of the teen.

Just like the Snapchat spy app, try out other social media monitoring features as well like Instagram spy app, Facebook spy app, Tinder spy app, Tumblr spy app, Hike spy app, Kik spy app, and many others. OgyMogy offer android, Mac and Windows spy app version for the versatile user to keep eyes on the digital activities of the teen through their desktop, laptop, tablet, and cellphone.


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