Calgary Business and Culture – A Winning Combination

Calgary Business and Culture - A Winning Combination

The city of Calgary is incredibly beautiful and Calgary’s business is booming. Many of the cities are surrounded by rolling hills and prairie. It is the largest city in Alberta and the fifth largest city in Canada’s population.

Much of Calgary’s economy is based on income generated by tourism, oil and agriculture businesses. By becoming Canada’s first city to host the Winter Olympics, the city’s reputation has grown.

Oil-backed Calgary business

The oil boom of the early 1900s led to a rapid expansion of Calgary’s business and economy. It became truly unique when more oil reserves were discovered in 1947. Cities were also significantly strengthened when embargoes were taken based on Middle Eastern oil imports.

This has increased the city’s population by more than 200,000 in just 18 years. The Calgary economy is so dependent on oil reserves that it is clear that cities’ incomes are increasing or decreasing based on current oil prices.

Calgary culture steps up

Calgary’s governing body decided to invest a significant amount in Calgary culture when it realized that cities could not survive on oil-only income. The plan came into effect after the Winter Olympics were held in the late 1980s. This has increased the number of tourists visiting the city and invested more money in the city’s banks. It also helped protect employment rates and the Calgary business, which had suffered significantly in the past due to falling oil prices.

One of Calgary’s most visited cultural centers is International Avenue, which houses many shops and restaurants that highlight many cultures around the world that are proud to call Calgary home.

Calgary’s culture is also rich in theatrical and musical dance performances throughout the year. Many well-known Broadway musicals set the stage for Calgary and are still an important destination for touring musicals. Many festivals are held throughout the year, from comedy festivals to music festivals. All of these significantly strengthen the Calgary economy.

Calgary-Scenic Joy

Most of the suburbs are connected to the main body, and the city is vast. Two rivers, Bow and Elbow, that contribute to the beauty of Calgary run through the city. Snow-covered mountains and rolling fields occupy the immediate vicinity of the city. At night, you may be very lucky to get a glimpse of the famous northern lights.

Discover the wonders of Calgary’s business and culture

As mentioned earlier, Calgary’s business and economy is heavily dependent on the oil industry and the prices currently sold by oil. But in the late 1980s, the oil industry suffered a major recession. These recessions lead to high levels of unemployment throughout the city.

In recent years, governing bodies have contributed significantly to diversifying aspects of the city that contribute to Calgary’s business and economy. This certainly helped, as Calgary’s culture is now incredibly rich and over time more and more people are discovering the fun they can enjoy in the city.



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