6 Fun Brain-Training Games And Apps

Gone are the days when playing games was strictly considered unproductive. We might spend time playing online games, but we get a range of enhanced skills in return. One scientifically-proven benefit of playing games on PC or mobile apps is the improvement of brain functioning. When we play games, it stimulates our thinking and enables us to make decisions in a time-bound environment. Regularly playing games that require fast decision-making trains our brain for the real world. Plus, they are so much fun to play! If you are looking for some fun brain-training games and apps, here are six to get you started:

Online Rummy

If you love card games, then playing online rummy can be an exciting way to sharpen your cognitive skills. Every round of rummy involves making relevant sets and sequences, all the while keeping an eye on the opponent and finding the right time to declare. It demands a level of strategizing skills that keeps the brain alert the whole time. Playing online rummy games such as Classic Rummy can enhance your memory, concentration, and analytical skills. You teach your brain to be smarter and faster when you develop tactics in real-time while playing the game.

Skill-Based Fantasy Sports

Unlike common belief, skill-based fantasy sports are dependent on skills more than just luck. The controlled environment of skill-based fantasy sports enables the player to make quick decisions based on logic and not emotions. It heightens your problem-solving skills when you decide the course of action to win the most points.

At the same time, it sharpens your strategy as you overcome challenges to reach the goal. Even a newbie player can attain cognitive skills over time when playing fantasy sports such as cricket, basketball, football etc. If you want to give fantasy sports online or mobile apps a chance, you can go with Khelyaar.


If you like mathematics puzzles, then playing sudoku can do wonders for your brain. It is a fun game that increases neuroplasticity. That enables you to look at a situation from multiple perspectives, pick up new patterns and make informed decisions. It is a wonderful game if you are looking to strengthen the logic part of your brain. Your newfound rational skills can be used in solving other logical problems. Sudoku makes you think critically, remember clearly, and take decisions quickly, thus training your brain to become sharper and brighter.

Crosswords Puzzle

Crosswords puzzle is a tremendous brain-training exercise for those who enjoy word-making games. It improves cognitive function by making your brain work harder to remember words that fit the criteria of the game. It exercises the brain and makes your brain logically strong.

It also enhances memory and brings down stress levels. Research states that interesting puzzle games like crosswords even keep neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia at bay. With new crosswords puzzle mobile apps, you no longer have to play it in newspapers. Some crosswords mobile games also enable playing with friends, thus reinforcing your social skills.

Candy Crush

We have all played or seen someone playing a matching game at least once. Matching puzzle games such as Candy Crush sharpens cognitive skills that can fade with time and age. Timebound rounds of such matching games enhance processing speed, reaction time, short-term memory, decision making and planning skills. It also improves visual attention and counting skills when played consistently for some time every day. When you play candy matching games regularly, you discipline your brain to take prompt decisions before time runs out to score the most points.


If you are looking for a fun and effective mental workout, then you can go for Mahjong. The Chinese game has been scientifically proven to consistently increase cognitive ability and performance. It is even used in brain training for people with dementia or old age. It has favorable effects on numeric and verbal memory.

Since the game involves quick strategizing and calculation, the brain has to do a lot of heavy lifting within a limited amount of time. It takes decisions rapidly while following the rules of the game in the process of overcoming the challenges. In this way, mahjong rebuilds neural connections that are degraded due to age and keeps the mind sharp.


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