Top 3 Reasons Why Rooftop Bars in Sydney are The Best Place to Unwind

Sydney’s thriving bar scene is one of the reasons why people flock to New South Wales’ capital city. After lifting the lockout restrictions and extending the last drinks time to 3:30 am for most bars in the city, more people will enjoy their happy hours in this part of Australia. But to fully appreciate your drinks, hanging out in rooftop bars Sydney can be the best option.

Sydneysiders and visitors would love the pleasant climate of the city. It is why most people would look for open spaces with lots of sunshine and amazing views of the cityscape. However, if you have yet to experience sipping your favorite drink in a rooftop bar, these perks will make you want to head out to the nearest one.

1. To Bask in the Best View of the City

If you are visiting Sydney for the first time but have limited days to explore, the best way to appreciate the city is by looking at it from a bird’s eye view. Most rooftop bars offer priceless views of the city.

For example, rooftop bars in Chippendale may enjoy the charming sights and iconic architecture within Prince Alfred Park and the Central Station. You will also enjoy watching the activities happening at the junction of Lee and George streets.

2. Perfect Place for Meeting New People

Individuals who love to hang out will have more fun spending time in rooftop bars Sydney. They will meet plenty of new people in these drinking establishments since other people would also love to hang out in these places.

Rooftop establishments draw a lot of patrons, especially those who are visiting the city or just new in town. Since it is the best place for people to watch and learn more about the locals, you will most likely make new friends while enjoying your preferred cocktails.

3. To Feel Good and Uplift Your Spirits

Since you will be literally on top of the world at a rooftop bar, you will experience a different and unadulterated high during the happy hours.

The pleasant weather and the wind blowing in your face will make you feel closer to nature, even if you are stuck in Sydney’s urban jungle. The feeling that you will get when you are at the mountain’s peak. So if you have no time to climb some of the nearby mountain parks in Sydney, the next best thing is to enjoy your drinks in one of the city’s picturesque rooftop bars.

Bonus Perk: Most Accessible Meeting Point

If you are new to the city, some of the most convenient meeting places include rooftop bars. You only need to tell your Uber, DiDi, Ola, or GoCatch drivers to take you to your desired bar, and they will instantly see it from afar. Likewise, the person you want to meet will also find it convenient to look for you in a rooftop bar.

Aside from being the best meeting point, it will also help you host an intimate gathering in rooftop venues since you already have the best backdrop. You only need to think about the food and drinks you will serve, and you are good to go. The fantastic Sydney cityscape is enough to give you the most enjoyable time during your short stay in the city.

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