Stargirl’s Wildcat II: A Brief Look at Another of the Show’s Heroes

On May 18, 2020, DC Universe released the first season of its newest live-action show “Stargirl,” featuring one of DC’s less well-known heroes Courtney Whitmore, a.k.a. the titular Stargirl. Produced by Geoff Johns (also the writer of the comic Geiger), the series, which has a score of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, also aired on the CW channel the next day, receiving enough of a positive response that it was renewed for a second season as a CW original, as well as a third season as of May 2021.

Stargirl herself is a fascinating character, a normal teenage girl who gains superhuman abilities when she finds the powerful staff of a deceased hero, but what about her companions? Yolanda Montez, alias Wildcat (technically Wildcat II since she is the second to don this mantle, but generally referred to as simply Wildcat), is another hero from the show who fights by Stargirl’s side, highlighted here in brief.

Who Plays Wildcat II?

Yolanda is played by American actress Yvette Monreal, who has played important roles in the television shows “Matador” and “Faking It” as well as “Stargirl.” She also appeared as a character in the movie “Rambo: Last Blood,” for which she received a Best Supporting Actress award at the 2019 National Film & TV Awards. She has also shown up in other television programs and movies, including “The Fosters” and “Legends of Tomorrow.”

Who Is Wildcat II?

At the start of “Stargirl,” Yolanda Montez is a former popular girl at Courtney Whitmore’s new high school whose reputation and familial life had taken a huge nosedive three months prior as a result of the actions of Cindy Burman, or Shiv, daughter of one of the show’s main villains and an antagonist herself, who purposefully spread private topless photos of Montez around the school. Yolanda experiences bullying because of this, both at school and at home where her family rejects her. Courtney defends her and tries to interact with her, but finds her advances rejected initially. The two girls bond when Courtney shows Yolanda her powers and offers her the Wildcat suit, inviting her to join her as a member of the new Justice Society of America she is building and on her quest against villainy.

What Are Wildcat II’s Powers?

The suit given to Yolanda belonged to the former Wildcat, who was a man. It allows her to extend and retract claws strong enough to cut through metal and brick, allowing her to climb walls and break metal bars. The suit also grants her above-average agility and balance akin to that of an actual cat. As an acrobat and martial artist, she is already in good condition without the suit. Her reflexes are also amazingly acute.

Yolanda Montez, Wildcat II and successor to the previous Wildcat, is a complex character who deals with a great deal of anger and pain. Her role as a hero alongside Stargirl helps her find a sense of purpose and deal with the anguish of rejection by a school and family that previously loved her. As Season 2 progresses, it appears that she will continue to play a vital role in the series.


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