Period Underwear For A Comfortable And Sustainable Period Experience

Every Australian woman uses up to 15,000 pads and tampons covered in applicators and wrappers in one lifetime, which end up as non-degradable waste in landfills and spends over 20,000 AUD on those traditional period products. With over 6 million menstruators in the country, this plastic waste in the landfill can take over 300 to 500 years to decompose, if ever they do. Due to the increasing waste production and land pollution, many women are turning to use reusable and sustainable period products like period proof underwear in Australia.

Modernizing the Conventional Practices for Sustainability

Women over the centuries have been using reusable or disposable pieces of cloth to control their period flow and keep themselves hygienic. Many from the past few decades might have considered this practice gross or unhygienic. However, reusable sanitary items like menstrual cups and period-proof underwear in Australia have a modern millennial twist that makes them best suited for all women, aiding them at every stage of their lives. Good quality reusable pads, tampons, and period underwear are made of organic cotton or plant fibers with no plastic.

The popularity of Reusable Period Underwear

Sustainable period products are popular and look similar to their conventional counterparts available in pharmacies and supermarkets. Modern reusable period underwear is unrecognizable compared to the traditional cloth that older women use due to the fabric and manufacturing techniques that sustainable companies use. Period underwear looks and feels like regular underpants. However, they have an extra built-in layer of gusset that holds the flow and prevents staining.

Wearing them would free women from purchasing period products frequently and worry about the right fit, spares, quality, disposability, and discomfort. They are more comfortable than sanitary pads, less frustrating than tampons, and cleaner than menstrual cups. These factors make period underwear a viable option for those who want to start using period products, keeping the environmental impact, comfort, ease of use, and economics in mind.

Outstanding Features of Period Underwear

Period underwears are available in multiple styles, designs, colors and thicknesses to suit the personal needs of women. Like liners, pads and tampons, they have an anti-microbial layer and materials with moisture-wicking properties. They prevent germs from rotting on the product and releasing unpleasant odors. One of the most significant features of period pads is reusability. Women can use them independently or with tampons or menstrual cups on heavy flow days to prevent leaking. They are also highly reliable and durable as they can last over 3 years without losing quality or absorbency when users take care of them effectively.

Easy Care, Cleaning and Maintenance

Women can change the period underwear based on the heaviness of their flow. It is extremely flexible. Therefore one can hand wash or machine wash it after use. Once it fills up, they can remove the panties and drop them in a bucket of cold water to soak for a few minutes to release the accumulated flow.


Those who want to wash them by hand, preventing the risk of losing them in the dryer or staining other clothes, can rinse the period underwear in mild detergent. They must not use harsh chemicals as such materials can damage the fabric and quality. Then they can gently scrub away the stains on the underwear by rubbing it against itself or a washing brush. After thoroughly rinsing the product, they can air dry it, ready for use.

Machine Wash

To machine wash the period-proof underwear in Australia, the users must follow manufacturer guidelines and load them into the washing machine with appropriate settings. They must use the cold wash and a gentle cycle to ensure longevity. Experts do not recommend putting period underwear in the dryer to maintain its integrity.


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