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New Instagram Promotion Trends

Today we’ll talk about Instagram trends in 2020. Earlier, the Internet marketing agency Intero considered the parameters of the ranking algorithm and methods for increasing organic reach on Instagram, and also created a guide to modern SMM marketing.

First, let’s recall the trends for the past (2019) year. Their list is as follows:

video content is the king of Instagram information strategy;

optimization of subscriber engagement – goal number 1;

decrease in the effectiveness of mass folding and massliking;

cooperation with reputable industry bloggers is a tactic that helps to increase the Instagram profile rating;


improvement of the business tools of the social platform.

Note: this year, the areas indicated above are included in the technical task binding. They have ceased to be trends.

As for the actualization of significant changes in the framework of the development of these aspects of Instagram-promotion, it did not happen. Explanations:

video is still the foundation of brand marketing;

work with customer engagement in 2020 will have a significant impact on the results of advertising promotion of services, etc.

Conclusion: 6 trends of 2019 are working guidelines for 2020.

Now we proceed directly to the discussion of Instagram trends for the current year. Their 5:

creating an offline content strategy for Instagram Stories;

New hashtags

increasing the commercial value of viral marketing;

original content;

and again statistics (more on that later).

So let’s go.

Instagram Stories

There are two radically different tactics in working with this tool:

I shoot everything in a row;

I use all the resources of the resource as part of a pre-compiled content plan.


Improvisations rarely lead to potentially effective results.

Example: a floristry studio successfully uses the Stories tool to demonstrate in more detail the assortment, especially themed and timed for the holidays

Important information:

  • 60% of Instagram users participate in the expansion of the Stories content structure every day;
  • Thanks to the quick and easy creation of diverse content, Stories has become a tool to stimulate truthful communication with the target audience.

So, Stories is:

  • vertical content, the study of which is not impeded by the functioning of a large number of interface elements (additional bonus: content in the Histories is shown in the format of automatic turning over of individual information blocks);
  • the best way to consume any information.

The massive use of Stories albums and reposts of Stories from Instagram on Facebook contribute to the formation of an autonomous social network within Instagram. This, in turn, requires updating a slightly different approach in the process of working with content. It is:

  • on developing independent strategies for creating and promoting content in Stories;
  • about additional financing for the implementation of the content plan and SMM Service, which implies the use of this function.

Instagram Stories are becoming increasingly relevant for advertisers, they will appear carousel advertisements. Now the advertising message can be stretched into three fragments. Previously, Stories ads were limited to one slide. Carousels in Stories behave in the same way as regular content: they can be scrolled, stopped, and enhanced with interactive elements, as well as polls and animated stickers.

In Stories, your fantasy is unlimited.


More recently, a new feature has appeared on Instagram – a hashtag subscription. Thanks to this update, the user has the opportunity to subscribe to the interests of his Instagram profile.

Forecast: the amount of spam for frequently used hashtags will increase (as for niche, event and thematic tags, they will quickly begin to fill with information that is in no way related to the original direction of entrepreneurship).


If Instagram does not find a solution to this problem, then the process of subscribing to hashtags will turn into the game “Guess the contents of the hashtag.”

Viral marketing

Instagram’s key issue is the limited availability of the platform’s user information resources. That is, it happens like this: a person subscribes to a certain number of accounts interesting to him, after which his personal information space ceases to expand. Absolutely.

The reasons:

  • receiving answers to all sent requests;
  • the user cannot fully interact with most Instagram profiles (except those to which he has subscribed).

Recently, the system has taken an indecisive, incomplete (in our opinion) step to optimize the informational leisure of the Instagram audience. Now in the news feed we often can see the labels “We advise you to subscribe”, “This content will suit you” and so on.

Forecasts for 2020:

  • the recommended content already contributes to an increase in the coverage of posts (current characteristics: low indicators of engagement + study of the content by non-target audience);
  • most likely, the algorithms for showing recommendations will be finalized by the system in the near future.

Original content

“Template high-quality content” (we are talking about graphic content processed using already familiar filters, photo frames and visual effects) in 2020 will not help novice bloggers and web-entrepreneurs to successfully promote both themselves and their brand.

Alternative solutions:

  • Unique Instagram profile by implementing your own ideas and testing non-standard ways of presenting content;
  • track the effectiveness of each technique used, being guided by the preferences of your target audience;
  • Add as many “sincere” posts to your business account as possible (for example, tell us about the failures that occurred to you in the process of starting promotion of a trading offer);
  • publish entries no more than 2 times a day.


Yes, where without her. The final update of the analytical resource was really pleased. Now, within the business account, you can:

  • Track sources for viewing posts
  • track the effectiveness of the functioning of hashtags, geotags
  • evaluate the feasibility of cheating likes;
  • generate accelerated monthly reports by transporting statistical data to external services.


Recommendation: do not ignore the benefits of optimized statistics. The sooner you start using it to the full, the more effective it will be to promote your business on Instagram in the future.

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Instead of output

One of the most popular social platforms continues to evolve. There is no sensation in this. As for the benchmarks for 2020, it is necessary to follow two directions:

  • combining Instagram with Facebook;
  • changes in the algorithms for building a news feed.

That’s all. Good luck with your brand promotion on Instagram in 2020. And don’t forget about managing your reputation!

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