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Can Facebook Ads Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

Can Facebook Ads Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

Is your blog getting the traffic you expected?

If not, we’ll show you how Facebook ads can help drive quality traffic to your blog.

The goal here is to find the right marketing mix to build and grow your blog’s readership.

1: Start with the basics-strategy

Remember that the focus is on your blog. We want to help increase traffic to our blog, not our Facebook presence. You know what your blog readers are for-your insights, videos, photos, etc.-always keep it “fresh,” “beneficial,” and “interesting.” ..

Prioritization: Facebook ads should increase the clickthrough rate of Facebook visitors to your blog. Once they arrive, you have several options for tracking the success of your ads.

2: Build a social media presence for your blog with ads

Facebook ads can do a lot of things. They can promote their products and services and act as “brand builders”.

Carefully targeted and tested Facebook ads should provide “brand building reminders” to those who know you and also act as “attractors”.

You can use Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor to come up with campaigns (both budget and scope) that reach only your specific target audience. Facebook can support campaign demographics such as location, job title, interests, and household income.

Are you a beginner in the world of paid advertising?

There is great potential for moving from “free” to “paid” social media content drivers.

Many of us are familiar with the success of using Google AdWords marketing. Facebook ads work in the same way. How big is your potential audience? Are we talking to hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of potential readers and followers?

 3: Value of directly uploaded video ads

YouTube is great and very popular, but when it comes to advertising, directly uploaded videos (that is, no hyperlinks needed) are much more effective at increasing traffic and visitors to your blog. I found out. Therefore, if possible, create and upload your own video and use someone else’s video.

Facebook has rolled out video advertising tools and special page features to support direct video uploads, attracting more visitors and fans to their blogs.

When uploading a video to Facebook, you have the option to include a “action-inspiring phrase” link at the end of the video. This allows you to connect to the web page of your choice in the video.

Is it easy to use?

On the Facebook page, just click “Photos / Videos” to upload the video. After uploading, just click “Add link to call for action” that appears.

Select the button with the wording that suits you and enter the destination URL (select the web page).

How does it work?

After someone watches your video on Facebook, the “CTA” button will pop up. When the viewer clicks on it, it takes you to the URL specified in Add Call Link to Action.

It keeps getting better

We’ve found linked Facebook questions and answers useful in personally assessing future and ongoing advertising campaigns.



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