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Wrought Iron Doors vs. Steel Doors: Making the Right Choice for Your Front Door?

As a homeowner, whether you’re planning the remodeling of your home or building a new house, finding the right entry door is presumably the most important to you. After all, it’s the entry door that tells the story of what’s going on inside. The choices of the homeowners, their personalities, and the overall vibe is set right from the moment an onlooker sees your entrance door. 

Since you’re on the lookout for the best entry door for your home, steel doors and iron doors must have been the top of the list of recommendations. Door replacement services, door makers, and even friends would suggest you either opt for a steel entry door or a wrought iron door.

Over the years, wooden entry doors have been majorly replaced by wrought iron doors and steel doors in the U.S. This is mainly because of the greater curb appeal boost that steel and iron doors offer and the vast customization available in both materials.

While both are strong contenders of entry doors, the question is how you’re going to make your pick for your home? To help you find the right entry door that best reflects you, here’s a comparison of steel doors and iron doors. 

We hope by the end of this blog, you’ll know the perfect entry door for your home. 

What is Wrought Iron Door?

Wrought iron is a naturally occurring metal that can be easily bent and shaped. Often confused with the term cast iron, wrought iron has a lower carbon content than its counterpart. This makes wrought iron an ideal choice for doors as it can be customized into many designs and styles.

What is a Steel Door?

Unlike iron, steel is a processed metal made of iron, nickel, and carbon. Known for its superior qualities, steel doors were first invented by Charles Dahlstrom. Steel doors are also highly customizable and add a classic charm to the entry doors. 

Wrought Iron Doors vs. Steel Doors

Now that you know the basic difference between iron doors and steel doors, here’s a comparison for you to make a better choice. 


Both iron doors and steel doors are highly customizable. On one hand, you have steel’s tendency to offer a wood-like finish with a paint job. On the other hand, you have iron’s flexibility to create intricate decorative iron doors. As far as customization is concerned, both steel doors and iron doors offer many customization choices that you can opt to complement your home style.


A home’s style comprises of interior design and exterior features. Now, if you’re opting for a modern-looking minimalistic home design, a pivot style steel door is your call. If you want a home that speaks of your grandeur and elegance, a French iron door with intricate decorative elements is your best bet. 

Both steel and iron doors offer different aesthetic appeals to complement different home styles. Based on your choice, and the kind of style you’re looking to achieve, you can go with either iron doors or steel doors. 


When choosing an entry door, you must have considered pivot doors, Dutch doors, French doors, and various other door designs. The good news is that regardless of if you choose steel entry doors or iron doors for your home, both can be made in any of the door designs you like. However, you can always ask your door maker to suggest the best material for a particular door style. 

Curb Appeal

Changing the front door is known to boost curb appeal and increase property value. In this regard, both steel doors and iron doors have proven their mettle as entry doors. For your Nevada home, a steel entry door and the iron door is sure to attract potential buyers as they both are sophisticated choices. 

Aesthetic Uplift

Imagine walking down the street and seeing a double-panel French iron door with intricate details. You’ll know in an instant that the house has elegant interior designs, grandeur in its furnishings, and sophisticated, rich style. On the next street, you find a sleek, pivot-style entry door with a steel frame; spacious, modern, and minimalistic, you’ll know the homeowner has a classy, contemporary taste. Both steel doors and iron doors can uplift the house’s aesthetic appeal in their own way. Again, it all comes down to the kind of vibe you want to give away from your home and pick a door accordingly. 

Made Up Your Mind Yet?

For homeowners in Nevada, Pinky’s Iron Doors offers a great variety of custom-made iron doors and steel doors. Get in touch with Pinky’s today to order a classic, modern, and sophisticated iron door or steel door in Nevada. 


About the Author

The author is a Nevada-based home stylist with over a decade of experience. Working with a leading design agency, the author consults businesses, homeowners, and production houses for stylized setups. 

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