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How To Buy The Best Wok For All Your Kitchen Needs

How To Buy The Best Wok For All Your Kitchen Needs

Many Australians love Chinese cuisine and enjoy all the delicacies that Asian dishes can offer. Many people tend to try their hand at making some of these dishes at home. If that’s the case, people may have heard about the wok, a vital tool in the kitchen that will help enhance the cooking experience.

For those who are strangers to this versatile kitchen equipment, woks are big and wide utensils with a shallow dome. They can be used for various cooking processes like stir-frying, steaming, deep frying and even boiling.

A significant advantage of using woks is that they allow food to boil quickly, making quick work of pasta and noodles if time is short. This is why woks are extensively used in Asian restaurants across Australia.

As they are versatile kitchen equipment, woks are in high demand across all the kitchen and cookware stores in Australia as they are well worth the investment in both home and commercial kitchens. Although woks aren’t always essential when it comes to making Chinese food, they offer a lot of advantages that make cooking Chinese dishes way easier and more convenient:

The first and most common advantage is that it makes cooking faster, allowing Australians to prepare Chinese cuisine in less time. With the wide bottom, heat is distributed evenly to allow all the ingredients to cook equally.

The large size of a wok also allows people to prepare a lot of food for many guests without making a fuss. This significantly reduces the amount of gas, time taken and effort used in cooking.

Things To Consider When Buying A Wok:

There are plenty of things that newbie cooks need to consider when they’re in the market for woks:

The material should be the first consideration, and carbon steel is the most common in Australia. Not only are they durable enough to withstand wear and tear, but they are also light in weight, making it easier for those in the kitchen to move them around or toss the ingredients inside them.

Carbon steel is affordable, and the material also conducts heat effectively to the whole surface.

The only issue with carbon steel is that customers must season it first and then clean it up after cooking every meal. Stainless steel is also a standard option in the country, its biggest advantage being non-reactive to acidic foods and vinegar.

Unlike the case of carbon steel, stainless steel doesn’t need proper maintenance after use, and after a wash and dry, it will be ready for the kitchen to cook the next meal.

Those who want a more traditional touch can do cast iron woks, but they are heavy and require a bit more time to heat everything. Like carbon steel, cast iron woks also require seasoning and aftercare after every kitchen use. However, all things considered, carbon steel is the best choice for many restaurants as they offer more benefits compared to other materials.

Woks come in various sizes, and the size customers are looking for will depend upon how many people they are cooking the meals for. Asian restaurants make use of large woks as they need to cook for several people at a time. Woks that are about 14 inches in size will do well for a group of 2-4 people.

Round-bottomed woks are ideal for gas stoves but buy a wok ring if the stovetop is too small. Flat-bottomed woks are best suited for electric stoves with a flat stove top.

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