Ikin’s Tech Promises to Bring Glasses Free Holographic Mobile Display In 2021

Holographic is said to be a photographic technique that captures light distributed from an object and then eventually presents it as three-dimensional. Ikin is a company that vows to bring out holographic technique without glasses but most probably, compatible on mobile phones and 1080p hd video camera and provides 3-dimensional images. The company is currently working to use mobile phones as semi-holographic devices.

By using a lens of 1080p hdvideo camera and phones from a chemical polymer, the attached accessory that is exactly match with the smartphones dimension and will be able to create holograms, clearer and even visible in broad daylight. The technology is said to be interactivity means the users can touch the created holograms and to perform activities, fully armed with artificial intelligence.

Good news for the Game lovers! The company further elaborates that these holograms can be used in video games and the players would be able to use the hologram as their second controller or a collaborative feature. Crazy technology isn’t it?

Holograms can also be used to view photo gallery, swipe as well using gestures and other related features or video conference for a next level experience. More interesting and promising experience when you can perform holographic chat live with a friend tend to be floating in the space with more than four at a time.

Ikin promises that the technology will arrive by mid-year on android and IOS later.

Principle of holograms:

To create a hologram, recording an object or a person in a cleanest environment with a help of laser beam and applying the information can clarify the image.

Then laser beam is being spread in two and redirected with the help of mirrors. One beam is focused at the object and the other portion of light focused off the object, recorded on medium.

The second reference laser beam is directed toward recording medium. These beams coordinate to make an image; intersecting with each other which results in a pattern to create a 3D image.

Types of holographic technology:

  • Reflective holograms
  • Hybrid holograms
  • Transmission holograms
  • Rainbow holograms
  • Lens holograms
  • Holographic stereograms

How holograms will revolutionize the world?


Geographic mapping and intelligence are the important of military tactics, so holographic images are utilized to enhance investigation. This helps the army personnel to view 3-dimensional image of the terrain and efficient developing strategy for the mission, instead of using 1080p hdvideo camera for recoding the geographic location of the terrain and then watching it through projectors.

This mapping comes in handy while rescuing or disaster management.

Storage of information

People have a thirst of storing huge amount of data and to keep it for many years to come, and the fear of losing it for life. Then a holographic technology is the solution because it stores information in the recorded form. These can store unfathomable yet insane amount of data inside it. Not like CDs or DVDs, holograph store data in 3-dimensional form and can be overlapped in the stored space.

It will be your next storage solution!

Medical purpose

Holographic can be used in medicine for viewing patients for guidance of practicing doctors. Previously, it was done by using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound. When using hologram, the viewers can swipe around different angles of the 3D image enabling them to examine different parts and organs of the human body. Feel like watching a Sci-Fi movie no?

Security purpose

Since holograms are complex technological devices, they are not easy to crack. Your credit cards and paper money consist of holographic images that tilt to reflect colors and not easy to forge. Now many companies are revolutionizing their brands by printing holographic labels on their products for originality and to prevent theft.

Art of holography

Artists around the world are using three dimensional images to create multiple visual objects or combination of images to create 3-dimensional animated projects. More recently, creative holography art shows are being held in Europe and different parts of the world for progressive holographic arts and craft.

Your future might be holographic since a lot of work around the world is in pipeline. Its not going to poke in the eye out of nowhere and catch you by surprise.

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