How To Promote Virtual Events On Social Media?

There are so many events that occur these days even with the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the things that we have to deal with when there is an upcoming event that we organize, host, or sponsor will be the promotions. Of course an event will be totally nonsense if no one will attend it. Therefore, an event has to be promoted. With events before, the usual promotions are through posters and through advertisements.

However, sometimes these are not effective and they are costly too. And with the internet today and the power of social media, why do we need to pay a lot for these promotional materials when we could just promote for free or for a smaller amount of money and even reach more people?

Social media is a great platform to stay informed. A lot of people if not most have access to the internet these days in which they also use social media in their daily lives as they catch up with friends, contact family members who live away from where they reside in, check out funny videos to lighten up their mood, check for updates, and many others.

With all that, social media would definitely be such a great platform to promote events as if a post will be shared by someone and another of his or her friends share the same post, it will be like the chain effect of a domino. Social media is a powerful platform and we must use it wisely.

Now, when it comes to the question on how to promote virtual events on social media, the answer is pretty simple. There are actually various ways on how to do that. Here are some ways or options that would really be helpful the next time you promote events on social media.

First, you have to choose your social media platform. Would you do your promotion on a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr? Or maybe you would do promotion on several of these social media platforms at once? It is nice to have several platforms to promote the event in so that you get to reach a lot of people.

Second, where will you promote the event? By what means? there are different forms of promotion. It can be that the event or the organization hosting the event will have its own page or account and you will promote it from there. You may also pay for advertisements so that more people will become aware of the event’s existence.

Or you may just spread it through word of mouth. There are also Facebook events these days which give people notifications and reminders with regards to the event in which they may choose if they are interested to attend or not. Furthermore, you may also promote the event through other promotional materials such as posters and videos.

Third, you have to create promotional materials. You may create the promotional materials yourself or you may hire other people to do that for you. Or if you have a team of individuals particularly for multimedia and the arts, they have to create promotional materials. These materials may come in the form of posters, photos, texts, banners, videos, and other forms of media.

These are the things that you will circulate on the internet to be seen by the people so you have to make them as attractive as possible but still professional and neat at the same time. They also have to convey the message that you want to say clearly.

Fourth is the actual promotional process. This is just like the second step but this time, it is not about the decision making process but the actual execution. In this part, you have to actually promote your event. You have to do it through word of mouth, by power sharing of the post and by inviting people to join the event.

There are so many things that you can do. If you are a jewelry supplier or want to hold jewelry related events, you may even sponsor the event by giving out free fashion jewelry. Or if the event is about fashion jewelry, you may host activities such as designing and the likes.

You may also sell fashion jewelry in the event itself as you will likely get sales from the attendees. Or you may host giveaways to attract more people. If the event is an opening of your store, that’s just some of the things that you can do. You may even have a sale of fashion jewelry for a short period of time or hire influencers to promote your fashion jewelry.

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