How To Get a Free Custom Website Design For Your Small Business

How To Get a Free Custom Website Design For Your Small Business

Due to the economic downturn, many companies are struggling to promote their products and services in tough markets and seek new ways to stabilize or grow their bottom line. Websites are usually a good start to increase the exposure of your business to potentially millions of people.

It can be difficult to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to build a custom website because the company’s profits are declining. There are many templates you can use to make a cheap website, but the company looks cheap after all. These templates are used many times to reduce competitiveness and damage your own brand, which can reduce your company’s credibility.

So how can you turn your company into a low cost custom website design with a little extra cash?With a little research, you can find some ways to get a good custom website at a very low cost or completely free of charge.

Below are 5 tips on how to get a free custom website designed for small businesses.

1-New website design company

Many new design companies are hungry for business and often work with them to build a website portfolio. As these companies are trying to promote their own business, they are often willing to offer websites at very reasonable rates or totally free of charge.

Pros: Free custom website

Disadvantages: Inexperienced or proven companies with poor results

2-Website design student

Go to your local community or state university and talk to the dean or department head of a student in the design department. Universities are often looking for real-life projects to work with students to help them gain valuable experience. Free Portfolio website

Pros: Free custom website

Disadvantages: Slow turnaround time. May not be professional quality

3-Established web design company

As the economy slows, many established design firms are willing to undertake more projects, “Pro Bono,” to help start-ups and younger companies. Often, these companies will create a complete branding package for you, including a free logo. These established companies repeatedly require you to refer to the URL of their website at the bottom of the website page. From time to time, these companies may demand a percentage of your company’s ownership, which may be a great way to help your company get going.

Pros: Free custom website, professional design

Disadvantages: Depends on the load of the company’s projects. Delivery of the project may be delayed. You may lose part of your company.

4-Free or low cost design. Do-it-yourself service

If you type “build your own website” in your favorite search engine, you will come across a website design company that has a lot of powerful free custom website design tools. With these tools, you can build a free website without any knowledge of HTML or how to code your website.

Pros: Free custom website

Cons: The quality of a free website depends entirely on your design skills. You don’t focus on your core business while you spend on designing your custom website. It may take longer to complete the project.

5-Work with a custom design company that can also host your website



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