How To Develop A Professional-looking Resume

The resume needs to showcase a degree of professionalism as if things are not perfect you might not even get a second chance. For locating jobs in UAE for fresher’s it is an important task. If the resume is full of mistakes and lacks professionalism it finds its way into the trash box quiet often than not.  A sloppy resume with lot of typing mistakes conveys a wrong impression of the candidate in the mind of a recruiter. A resume has to be consistent, clear, concise, and easy to understand.

The tips to develop a professional resume.

When you are applying for new jobs in UAE a professional resume is going to convey a positive outlook in the minds of the organizations. In fact, there could be various resume types that you might be able to choose. Just you need to make sure that you have to choose the best resume type that is worth the effort along with the situation.

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Choice of a simple font

A resume has to be an easy one to read. Make sure that the hiring manager is able to flip through the details and obtain insights about your accomplishments. Hence make it a point that you use a legitimate font and it should be neither too large nor small. The font size needs to be between10 to 12. Standard margins are to be used and no point in using dense text blocks. If you are looking for a physical resume opt for white coloured paper.

The formatting has to be consistent

A professional resume needs to have consistent formatting. An example is if you are using bullet points to describe your responsibility in a particular organization ensure that you are using bullet points at other locations. The bullet points have to be formatted in the same way throughout the resume. There is no point to be using a circle bullet point at a single section and in another section opting for a diamond bullet point. The use of the font size has to be consistent with the style quotient as well.

A focussed approach

Do not go on to include unwanted information in your resume. More is not better and it is better to focus on the skills along with responsibilities that is going to make you qualify for the job. For an average job seeker information is not going to be a few long pages but at the most, it should not cross more than two pages.

On a periodical basis, it might be necessary to give your resume a make-over. Make sure that you have gone on to include all the latest accomplishments as the education and employment history has to be concise. If you are updating your resume regularly there is a strong possibility that you may be noticed by the employees better.

If you are in the creative domain the resume should be in line with your creative skills. A simple copy-paste resume might not suffice.


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