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Android App Bundle: An Introduction

An Android App Bundle is a distributing design incorporating all your application’s ordered code and assets and concedes APK age and marking to Google Play.

Google Play utilizes your application pack to produce and serve upgraded APKs for every gadget design, so just the code and assets required for a particular gadget are downloaded to run your application. As a result, you presently don’t need to construct, sign, and deal with numerous APKs to advance help for various gadgets, and clients get more modest more-upgraded downloads.

Most application projects will not need much exertion to fabricate application packages that help serve advanced APKs. For instance, if you already organize your application’s code and resources according to set up shows,  build marked Android App Bundles using Android Studio or using the order line, and upload them to Google Play. Enhanced APK serving at that point turns into a programmed advantage.

When you utilize the application group configuration to distribute your application, you can likewise alternatively exploit  Play Feature Delivery, which permits you to add feature modules to your application project. These modules contain highlights and assets that are just included with your application, dependent on conditions that you indicate or are accessible later at runtime for download Using the Play Core Library.

Game engineers who distribute their applications with application groups can use Play Asset Delivery: Google Play’s answer for conveying many game resources that offer designers adaptable conveyance techniques and superior.

Distributing with Android App Bundle assists your clients with introducing your application with the littlest downloads conceivable and increments the compressed download size cutoff to 150 MB. That is, the point at which a client downloads your application, the all out size of the compacted APKs needed to introduce your application (for instance, the base APK + setup APKs) should be close to 150 MB. Any resulting downloads, for example, downloading a component module (and its setup APKs) on request, should likewise meet this packed download size limitation. Resource packs don’t add to this size limit, yet they do have other size limitations.

At the point when you transfer your application pack, if the Play Console discovers any of the conceivable downloads of your application or its on request highlights to be more than 150 MB, you get a mistake.

Keep in mind; Android App Bundles don’t uphold APK extension (*.obb) documents. Along these lines, if you experience this blunder when distributing your application group, utilize one of the accompanying assets to diminish compacted APK download sizes:

  • In addition, make sure you enable all arrangement APKs by setting enable split = true for each kind of design APK. This ensures that clients download just the code and assets they need to run your application on their gadget.
  • Make sure you shrink your app by eliminating unused code and assets.
  • Follow best practices to reduce application size further.
  • Consider changing over highlights that are utilized by just a portion of your clients into feature modules that your application can download later, on request. Remember, this may require some refactoring of your application, making a point to initially attempt different ideas portrayed previously.


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