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Why Do You Dream About Teeth Falling Out?

When you fall asleep, you dream. According to the University Of Michigan Health, most of yur dreaming occurs during REM sleep. When you dream, your brain paralyzes your muscles to you don’t act out your dreams, which would be dangerous.

If you always remember your dreams, you are one of a few. According to CBS News., 11 percent of the population remember their dreams. In addition, 21 percent remember their dreams most of the time and 34 percent remember their dreams some of the time.

If you remember your dreams, you know that, in many cases, they don’t make much sense. One common dream that people have that they don’t understand is a dream about teeth falling out. If you often dream about teeth falling out and want to know why there are several interpretations.

#1 You Recently Suffered a Personal Loss

One common interpretation for this dream has to do with a personal loss. If you recently suffered a personal loss, such as the death of a loved one, the end of a marriage or relationship, you lost your job or you lost your home, it isn’t uncommon to dream about teeth falling out.

#2 Stress

Unfortunately, stress is a part of life. There are several stressors in your life, such as work, family, and relationships. If something is going on in your life that has you overly stressed, it can weigh heavily on you when you are awake and when you are sleeping. Many experts believe that uncontrolled stress can cause dreams that your teeth are falling out.

#3 Anxiety Disorder

Living with an anxiety disorder can be challenging, and can affect you mentally and physically. One common physical symptom of an anxiety disorder is jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

If you grind your sleep while you sleep, dreams of losing your teeth are common. Your subconscious mind knows you are grinding your teeth, which can cause these dreams.

#4 Big Changes Are Coming

Major changes in your life can be great. Getting a promotion at work, starting a new job, getting married, having children, and moving to a new city or state are all exciting events, but with these changes comes a great deal of stress.

It isn’t uncommon to worry that you will fail in your new venture. Even if you aren’t consciously stressed, your subconscious mind knows more than your conscious mind, and the stress will spill over into your dreams, which could be why you dream about teeth falling out.

As mentioned above, stress can cause these dreams, and the stress of potentially failing can cause you to have recurring dreams that your teeth are falling out. Dreaming that you are losing your teeth can be disturbing, but you aren’t alone. You aren’t the only person who has had these dreams, and you may have more than one dream like this in your lifetime.

The reasons you have these dreams vary, and there are many interpretations. Now that you know what could be causing you to have these dreams, it can make you feel less anxious and disturbed when you wake up.

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