What should you know about Android TV vs. Google TV?

What should you know about Android TV vs. Google TV?

The two major operating system platforms and interface provided on the modern television sets are Google TV and Android TV. If you are purchasing a smart TV then it is important to understand the difference between the two interfaces and the different features that you get with it. This will help you get sufficient clarity and make your purchase that much more easier.

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Understanding the difference between Google TV and Android TV

Google TV is one of the recently launched TV platforms by Google and it is built on top of Android TV. The Google TV interface is available on a lot of the latest TV models that have been launched in 2022. The Google TV is still Android TV but it is essentially the premium and repackaged version of the Android TV. The Google TV differs from Android in 8 key areas of features or functionality. Google TV uses Android version 10 whereas the Android TV uses the version under 9.

When it comes to the user interface, the Google TV has a completely revamped and overhauled interface with particular emphasis on the genre of movies, depending on the smart recommendations as well as personal preferences. This helps Google to suggest the right movies or shows that a user is more likely to watch based on their preferences or past activities. Google TV is also focused on interaction plus smart content curation which is derived from watchlists and likes that have been created by the user.

Google TV enables the users to have easier access for the popular movies. This is achieved by combining relevant content from each of the streaming service on one common interface so the search for the user becomes incredibly effortless. The Google TV presents the collection of content under “For you” tab for the users. The Android TV on the other hand focuses more on the app and less on being interactive. However the Android TV has made some improvements in the recent updates for making the user interface more oriented towards the users as is the case with Google TV.

Google TV has a live TV tab which pulls all the live channels on the same interface  and live content from different sources such as Sling TV, YouTube TV, and other channels provide a range of programs ranging from sports, news, and entertainment which is broadcasted at the click of a button. Besides this you can also expect mobile remote, watchlist from mobile, individual profiles, full smart home integration, basic TV, and parental control features in Google TV whereas only some of these features are present in the Android TV.



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