Upgrading Your VoIP Services With The Latest Class 5 Softswitch Solution

Opportunities come your way at the most inopportune moments. The current Covid-19 p [pandemic is a classic instance. While industry and business are in a recession, VoIP is experiencing a dramatic upturn. The VoIP market is worth over $ 82500000 and will exceed $ 102000000 by 2026 while Global Market Insight predicts it will be worth $ 55 billion by 2025.

Covid-19 accelerates growth and brings chances for VoIP service providers to capitalize on growing demand from businesses. Service providers may find existing class 5 Softswitch lacking in features and capacity to meet emerging demand. The solution is to upgrade to a better, enterprise-grade class 5 Softswitch software.

Typical drawbacks of legacy class 5 Softswitch

Traffic on VoIP has spurted in the past six months as businesses jump ship to take the benefit of VoIP for distributed working and communications at a lower price. The more customers you have or higher usage the more you will find existing soft switches being unable to cope with the extra load. The result could be called that cannot go through, data packets that experience delays, loss in call quality, and others. The result is that your customers experience frustration and could look at alternative service providers. Retain them by upgrading to a better and more modern class 5 Softswitch.

It is time to switch

You probably started with a middle-of-the-road class 5 Softswitch not knowing that there could be a dramatic upturn in demand. Older solutions place limits on the number of concurrent classes and traffic volume. It is time to switch to a carrier-grade platform that incorporates some features carried over from class 4 softswitches. Carrier-grade soft switches are inherently designed to handle bulk concurrent traffic with the utmost ease. You may as well opt for customization and get included features that will help you to grow your retail VoIP business.

More features, more options

Customers can be of any type and will ask for any service. Business users may desire voice mail, music on hold, caller ID, call authorization and CDR reports. Get the class 5 Softswitch developer to include these as well as call on hold, pingback and number portability in addition to emergency number dialing.

VoIP is not just voiced anymore. It includes media and data as the growth in usage of Zoom shows. Legacy solutions may not be up to the task while a modern solution will easily handle anything that comes its way, easily transcoding codecs and taking care of protocols.

Get a white label solution

Why? The reason is simple. You can brand your service and, as you know, brands command respect and better value. You can appoint downstream retailers and resellers to sell to home users various packages of prepaid and postpaid services through PIN and PINless cards and they, in turn, can brand their services. You build an entire chain that grows your revenue streams. Older solutions would be restrictive but with a custom Softswitch made to your order you can include billing and set up rate cards as well as least cost routing features.

Do you need superb service support?

One would assume that the class 5 Softswitch is a “fit and forget” solution. It can be. However, customer preferences change. Market evolves. Demands may increase. New opportunities open up. You will, at some point in time, need modifications or upgrades. Your solution provider should be chosen based on their track record of service support and capability to carry out modifications at little or no cost to ensure the quality of service.

There are vendors who simply develop and supply soft switches. Then there are others who offer other VoIP-based solutions like SBCs, IP PBX, WebRTC, SMS, and other services. You may find that such solutions can be included in your service offering. It gives you a chance to expand laterally and vertically should you need to and, in that event, your single vendor can match your needs at a lower cost and with better integration.

The future belongs to those who look beyond the horizon, prepare for it and implement solutions today. It is a common mindset to not invest more if a current solution is working but being future-ready with some investment is likely to lead to richer dividends. It is the same in the case of class 5 Softswitch. You can continue with it and live with its shortcomings. Your customers will not. Retain more, attract more customers and you will find that the investment in smarter, better class 5 softswitch software keeps your future-ready.

The importance of the vendor cannot be overstated. You could go blindfolded for some of the big names and pay through your nose. You could choose a vendor based on the capability to deliver future-ready solutions at an affordable price and stay competitive. Plus, look at all other packages you could get at a better price. Upgrading is the best thing to do now.


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