Types of Workplace Injuries, And How To Avoid Them

As a worker, you are prone to countless different workplace accidents that could potentially happen at the workplace. It often happens that some workers have to work in dangerous conditions, such as mines, or work with dangerous machinery, that their lives are at risk. A workplace injury could cost a fortune to both eh employer and the employee. However, the employees don’t have to worry much in this case, because they have different laws to protect their rights. For instance, the workers compensation law is there to protect you if you have been caught in a workplace injury. This law will basically provide you with compensation for your medical bills, hospital visits, lost wages, and much more. 

There could be as many as hundreds of different types of workplace injuries, below are some of the most common ones. 

Slips, Trips, and Falls

This portion accounts for nearly 70% of the total workplace injuries, and also these are the top causes for the workers’ compensation claims. The type of injuries includes broken bones, cuts, head and back injuries, pulled muscles, etc. Some workers occasionally slip on wet and oily surfaces. Loose rugs and icy steps are also a cause of slips here. To prevent these types of injuries, you must ensure quality walking and proper footwear, and of course, good housekeeping plays a major role. 

Getting Caught in a Moving Machine

These types of injuries are a nightmare! Although the workers are trained to operate heavy machinery, at times, mistakes happen. Machinery that is not at all properly guarded is a safety hazard and once you are caught in it, the effects can be disastrous and life-altering. A person may end up having crushed hands and arms, severed fingers, or even blindness. The best way to avoid such injures is to safeguard any part of the machine that might be hazardous. Also, proper training should be given to operators and proper training should be provided. 

Fire and Explosions

Fair and explosions at the workplace have been happening at workplaces for a very long time. The main reasons are open flames, faulty gas lines, and improperly stored materials that are combustible. A person may burn their hands, face, lose sight and hearing, and in the worst cases, death may occur. Let it be known that these types of injuries account for four percent of workplace injuries, and of all workplace accidents, they have the highest casualty rate. 

Intense Heat

A person may suffer from stroke, skin burn, or dehydration as a result of working in intense high-temperature conditions. It is the duty of every employer to work comfortable working conditions for their employees. However, things take a wrong turn when the employees are breached their basic rights, and that’s when the trouble arrives. Some workplaces have poor air conditioning as a result of which the employees sometimes suffer from heatstroke. Some sweat a lot that they don’t hold onto enough water in their body, as a result of which they get dehydrated and faint! Employers should make sure that their air conditioners are working properly and should ensure a good ventilation system. 

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