Mistakes To Avoid During Domain Registration

More and more websites are being registered every day. Thus, it is pretty challenging for you to secure the perfect domain name. Merely trying to get around the problem might result in either unforeseen mistakes or creative solutions.

So, here we are pointing some of the most familiar domain registration mistakes that you need to avoid. Let us get started and address them one by one.

Using hyphens

‘At times, in an attempt to get around domain name availability, people tend to include hyphens in-between the words to get a unique word combination. Of course, we understand the line of thought behind this strategy, but if you look at it from the user’s perspective when you use a hyphenated word in your domain, it is quite difficult for them to memorize or recall it in the future.

Also, announcing the domain name verbally during advertisements or printing the domain name on the flyers and billboards can be pretty challenging with the inclusion of the hyphens in the domain. They are challenging for you to say out loud, and for customers, it is like an extra piece of information to memorize.

Furthermore, if the users forget this hyphen while entering the domain name in the address bar, you might lose out on a lot of potential traffic,’ points out Jessie, an online reviewer who did the best tandem fishing kayak review.

Allowing someone else to register the domain

For someone who has undertaken the domain registration process before already knows that it is not easy. It becomes more challenging if you let someone else, say a web design agency, register the name you had been eyeing. In this manner, they hold the ownership of that domain.

So, to avoid that, you must register the domain yourself.

Being so close for comfort

‘Some companies and brands opt for a domain name, which is pretty similar to that of another company. It is majorly because they think of it as a benefit as this might help them get spill over clicks from people who are attempting to reach the other website.

However, more than it can benefit you in terms of traffic; it harms the reputation of your business. Users will think of your business as a knockoff. At times, it may even attract a legal issue,’ states Laila, an online reviewer who did the Wahl 9818 vs 9864 review.

Not registering the typo domains

There are certain domain names, which are not easy to spell. So, if your domain name has a high probability of being misspelled, it is best advised to register the other domain also. This will prevent any loss of traffic.

Not reading how your domains reads as a single word

‘Consider how your domain name reads as one word before you opt for domain registration. If your chosen domain name might result in any confusion when read as a single word, it is recommended to change the order of the words or opt for a cut-down version of the domain word,’ advises Jack, an online reviewer who did the best flushing toilets review.

Keeping it lengthy

While selecting your domain name, your aim must be to opt for an easy name for visitors to find. If the name is very long, it may hamper the user’s accessibility to your domain, especially when they type from a touchscreen device, such as a tablet or a smartphone. It may also make it challenging for the users to remember the website URL and revisit it in the future.

Not renewing the domain name

‘When you shop for a domain name, you only rent it for a limited period. So, it implies that after that period, you will have to renew the domain. If you fail to renew your domain, your domain becomes open for others to buy.

So, at times, the competitors might buy your domain, and you might lose on it permanently. Hence, it is vital to renew the domain as and when required,’ shares Julie, an educator who offers online poetry class.  

Using numbers in the domain name

Some people tend to use 4 to signify four or four or 2 to signify too or to. This is another mistake that you should never make. Of course, we get where you are coming from. You might find it witty to use the numbers.

However, unfortunately, your readers might be unable to guess what you were trying to communicate with the numbers. It is more frustrating when they wish to reach your website, but they cannot figure out your domain name rightly. This can result in a loss of potential traffic.

This holds not just for when you use numbers for prepositions but also for numbers in general. For instance, when you pronounce it, users will be confused as to whether they should simply type the number or spell out the word. If they pick the opposite of your domain, your visitor might land on the competitor’s website or see an error message.

Hence, it is strictly advisable to use the numbers only when they are part of the brand name itself. For instance, In this case, the users will automatically understand that 2020 here refers to the year, and there’s no way they would spell it out in the domain. Hence, the chances of confusion are non-existent.

Despite this being considered a domain name mistake, over nine million domains have numbers in their names. The trend is hugely popular in China. Consequently, most of the domains in the country have numbers in their names. It is majorly because numbers are the sole characters in the DNS system, which is comprehensible for all.

So, these are the eight critical domain registration mistakes that all online business owners must avoid. Do you know of more such domain registration mistakes? You can let us know in the comment box below. We would love to share some of the mistakes you made or some mistakes that you have seen people make with our readers.

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