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People always face different issues because of the image quality. It is very problematic if the quality of a photograph is not good. People belonging to different fields always want a tool like an image upscaler to enhance the quality of a photograph. 

Content creators, entrepreneurs, students, and e-commerce holders engage in the quality of photographs in different ways. When a person is stuck in a situation where he has to deal with the quality of a photograph then a different question arises in the mind related to how to unblur an image or photo colorization, image upscaler, etc. 

A tool that provides all the guidelines related to the quality of a photograph is Imgkits. It is an online tool with the latest features of photo editing in one place without any extra fee.

Tools of artificial intelligence on Imgkits

Imgkits is an amazing website that provides all the basic tools of photo editing to its users. The most unique thing about this website is that it provides different tools that work on artificial intelligence to provide a helping hand. We have listed some of the tools of this website that works on artificial intelligence:

  • Image Upscaler

Image upscaler is a tool that works on artificial intelligence to make a high-resolution image. We all know that audience always like images that are professional and has higher resolution. It automatically detects the part of the image which has an abnormal quality and corrects it accordingly.

  • Unblur Image

This tool automatically detects the blurry portion of a photograph and then works on it. A person doesn’t need to specifically mention the blur portion of a photograph, rather it will automatically detect it and correct it in 5 seconds.

  • Image Defogging

The tool works in such a way that if a photograph is clicked in a haze then it automatically detects it. A person doesn’t need to mention anything, rather it automatically restores the clear image to make a realistic view.

  • Photo Enhancer

This tool works on the color grading and contrast of a photograph for a better view. The image looks more attractive with enhanced colors hence the outlook has gained exponential attraction. 

  • Photo Colorizer

Photo colorizer is a tool that amazingly works on artificial intelligence. It automatically changes a black and white photo from a colorful or colorful photo to black and white according to demands.

How to use image upscaler?

Image upscaler is one of the famous tools of Imgkits for enhancing the quality of a photograph. If you want to learn how you can easily work on a photograph for upscaling then a guideline is explained below:

  • Open up the browser of your device type and select the search button.
  • You will open up the official website of Imgkits where you find different tools and tabs on the main screen.
  • Select the tab of photo restoration that would be present at the upper part of the screen.
  • In the tab of photo restoration, you need to move down until you find the option of unblur an image and image upscale.
  • You will find a blue button that says upload the image. After uploading an image the system will start working on it.
  • You will get an edited image on the screen in just 5 seconds with better quality and a high-resolution image.
  • The image will be in PNG format and very easy to share on different websites.


Sometimes people are very concerned about clearing the view of a photograph as people always like images with high resolution. It is always better to upload high-resolution images for the audience to demand a tool for better results. Imgkits provide all the necessary features needed to a person for different reasons.


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